Toy Chihuahua Sweaters

Well I tried making some sweaters for our little doggy with the Knifty Knitter blue loom but it just didn’t work out too well. First off it’s too hard to put on her because you have to put it on over her head then you have to put her front feet in the holes then pull it down and the bottom of it was too tight to be able to do that because of the way I had to end the sweater.

The neck was too big and the waist was too tight lol. The sweater stretched too much too so it just didn’t look good at all. I’m doing it as granny squares now which will make it much easier to do different color themes for the holidays so it works out.

And doing it with crochet with squares it doesn’t pull over, it just sits on top of her and holds on with velcro in the front and underneath. As soon as I finish the first one which will be for St. Patrick’s Day I will put a picture on this blog plus in the crafts section.