Games for PSP

We went to the mall today to pay for Chips Sears card and he decided he was going to buy me a game. I kept refusing but we ended up going to the Game Stop and buying a game but we came home and I played it and it was so lame. We are going to return it tomorrow.

I’ve been looking for a game that is similar to Tetris that we can play on the PSP but there are none. Or are there? I found on a game called “Sega Genesis Collection” and it has 28 Sega Genesis games including Sonic the Hedgehog and Columns which is what I had when I had the Sega Game Gear.

Columns is Sega’s version of Tetris which is a little different but it works. The other 26 games sound cool, I’ve never played them so it will give me a chance to see what they were like. It’s cool that there are 28 games on 1 UMD so I don’t have to keep switching the UMD’s. It’s gonna be awesome. And Darrin will finally have a game that he can play. He doesn’t get into all the games but when I got my Game Boy 14 years ago he loved playing Tetris.

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