My Cromebook WiFi Works Again

I believe it was in mid January when I started having connection issues with my Cromebook (CR48) and couldn’t fix it.  I’m still not sure what happened but I was very frustrated that I couldn’t use it anymore.  It became a paper weight on my desk.  The 3G worked, but the WiFi kept disconnecting.

This is what happened.  I would be typing (as I am doing now) and suddenly lost my connection.  I noticed that my words weren’t coming out right, instead other words were being selected and deleted with every key I hit.  I would look over at the WiFi icon next to the clock and it showed that it was trying to connect, then I’d see an X.  The only way I was able to continue with my blog post, tweet, Facebook update or IM conversation was to turn 3G on.  I’d have to save my work or put the person I was talking to on hold and reboot.  At first rebooting helped, but it would disconnect again.  I got to the point that I just stopped turning it on.

What happened today was I went to play with my PSP and wondered if there was an update available.  I tried to log in to my network and it wouldn’t let me.  I noticed that it said my network was not compatible.  That didn’t make sense since Chips iPhone and my Nook haven’t had any issue logging into the network.  I loaded the Linksys EasyLink Advisor program and went into the security settings and it gave me an error.  I starting thinking that maybe that was the reason I was having issues, so I reinstalled the WPA security and viola, my Chromebook is online with no issues.

I have typed this entire post on my Chromebook without one disconnect.  Before that would have been impossible since as soon as I started typing the WiFi would disconnect.  The problem has been solved and I hope someone who is also having issues might see this and check their own network security settings.  Good luck!


I have a TON of bookmarks that I have been hoarding over the years, actually since 1997 to be exact.  Every so often I go through them and delete the ones that are no longer valid, but the problem is it is very time consuming.  I would like to replace the invalid ones with more current links, but all I can do is add to the growing pile.  I want to add a link for my favorite books or my favorite websites and be able to find them when I want them.  I have wished there was a website that had images that I can see to find the website easier.  I have good news because I found clipix.

Clipix isn’t a bookmarking website like my browsers bookmarks, it’s way more evolved than that.  Clipix is a social networking site which allows me to share my favorite websites with friends and family.

It’s really easy to work it, just go to the clipix website and watch and like the video, drag the Clip button to your bookmarks bar, go to your favorite website and click the Clip button and a new window pops up.  You have the choice of adding an image from the website by whatever is available.  Pictures make it easier to distinguish which website is the one you are looking for, even if it is an author picture and not a website logo.  You can choose which clipboard you want to add it to and click Clip!  You’re done.

Take a look, I have created two clipboards with several of my favorite websites, books and YouTube channels.

It’s a really fun website.  You can add whatever you want, where ever you want and whenever you want.  You can create clipboards, combine more than one to create a multiboard, share them with syncboards.  Create a clipboard for your favorite shopping websites, recipes, craft ideas, restaurants and/or gift ideas, the list goes on.

Say you are a private person and you don’t want anyone to see your clipboards or multiboards, no problem because you can lock it with the padlock.  Say you want the world to know everything, or maybe just the people you invite as friends, then let them see.  Syncboards are awesome because you can add links and other people can add links.  The thing that I love is that you can move the links all around within your clipboard so you can organize them any way you want them to be.  You can also rearrange the clipboards themselves in and out of multiboards.

I’m have gone through my bookmarks and have pulled out some of my favorite websites and added them to my clipboards.  Those are the ones that I want to see and share so I’m going to keep those.  I can add to it whenever I come across something new and I will finally be able to see what I’m looking for.

There is even an iPhone app so you aren’t limited to what you can do.  You can finally take your bookmarks with you.  Amazing!

If you had Clipix, how would you use it?  Leave a comment and let me know, I’m very curious to know what ideas everyone else has.  Comment, like it, tweet it… etc.

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