Naked Reality Shows

What’s going on with all these naked reality shows? Naked and Afraid, Naked Dating, Naked Real Estate and Naked Castaway are shows that I have been hearing a lot about recently.

I am a huge fan of the nude body because we are all born naked and we all bathe naked. There is nothing to be ashamed of because it’s just skin. The body is covered in skin, so the skin on your arm is no different from the skin on your breast or your flute, so to me it’s all the same. I’m basically saying I am all for these naked shows. I don’t personally have an issue with anything.

When people watch these shows, do you suppose they strip down to nothing because they feel overdressed? I mean, I was tempted, but it would have become awkward when I was the only naked person in the room.

When the male contestants first show up, do you suppose they are worried about getting an erection since they probably don’t walk around naked all the time. I mean, I haven’t actually seen a real live naked person besides myself in years, I’m almost positive that if I was naked and someone else was standing there naked, I would be at full salute. Seriously! If I knew I was going to be naked in front of cameras, I would probably be naked for a month just to get used to the idea of being naked in front of strangers. Anyone who came to the house would have to remove their clothes to not make things awkward. You know I’d be ordering pizza’s and calling the cable company to fix things, oh and the plumber, he was cute.

The naked real estate, naked and afraid and naked castaway are all no big deal, but I have a concern about the naked dating one. I watched it tonight for the first time, the image above is the episode that I watched. They were only naked on the dates. When they all came together at the pool, they had their clothes on. They all got in the pool and eventually they were all naked again. Well, you know that’s fine, no big deal. I mean, it’s not like they haven’t seen each other naked, right? Well, at the end of the evening, there were 2 people left. They were naked and making out in the pool. No big deal right? I mean cause it’s not like they had sex in the pool.

This is where I have a concern. Okay, it’s straight people so no one will EVER question it. But… what if the show were all gay men, or all gay women? How many people are going to be all up in arms because there are 6 gay men or 6 gay women in the pool. They can be as innocent as can be not doing anything sexual, heck, they can all have their clothes on and you know someone out there is going to say that gay people are throwing their sexuality in their faces and God forbid a gay person does the same exact thing that straight people do. I mean seriously, you know that that would happen. You know it.

Straight people doing something objectionable is fine because they are the normal ones. They can get married and get a divorce and they can be married multiple times. Kim Kardashian for example. No big deal, it’s a straight person. But as soon as a gay person does something, the walls of society are crumbling with complete hyperbole.

I just had to say my peace. By all means resume your nude programming. No, seriously. I love seeing straight guys unblurred bums on TV lol.