Minecraft Maps

Minecraft maps

Last night I was searching the web for ways of getting the map to my world, but of course I couldn’t find any help since Minecraft for Playstation 4 seems to be a new thing. I figured the best way I am going to do this is to just do it, like make a map, then just go travel the world and keep an eye on where I am on the map so I can find my way back home.

When you first start playing Minecraft, you get a map in your inventory automatically. Unfortunately for me that disappeared the first time I died and couldn’t find my body to retrieve my inventory. One doesn’t appreciate something as simple as a map when one gets lost and has no way to find their home.

The only way I am able to even do this is to have my game in peaceful mode. If I had zombies and skeletons trying to kill me left and right, I wouldn’t have a chance in hell. I find it easier to build my life (house, armor and weapons) first, then bring in the bad guys to give me some fun. I don’t even think I can mine as long as there are bad guys trying to eat me at every turn. I’d get so lost in the tunnels trying to get away from them that I would never find my way out. It’s bad enough that sometimes I get lost down there, I can’t imagine there being some other threat. So as long as I am in peaceful mode, hopefully I will be able to map out the world and eventually find all of my old belongings.

The map on the far right was the first map that I made, then as the arrow on the map turned into a circle, I brought out my crafting table to make another map, which is the middle map. I went all the way across to the left of the map, then up, then when I was at the top and was already in another map zone, I decided to make another map, but didn’t go far because I didn’t want to really get lost lol. I finished the map in the middle and then went back to my home.

I find it nice if the maps are hanging on the wall. They are easier to find when they are hanging on a wall than if I put them in a chest and don’t really know which map is which. When I take them out to go exploring, I put them in my inventory in the order they are on the wall, that way I know where I am going.

There are 3 maps so far, but how many are there going to be going east to west? I’m only working on the west and east for now, but eventually I will have to work my way south and then north. I wonder how exhausting it’s going to be to constantly be running around the planet trying to locate my lost home lol. Is it even worth it? My old belongings have long been upgraded, so it’s really not even worth the hassle, but it would bring closure. It would also be nice to have the maps so that if I ever decided I wanted to visit a certain place, or explore, then at least I’d have maps to help me return home.

Yeah, that’s what I will do. Just forget about my old home because my new home is so much better and everything I have is better. Sometimes it’s just a good idea to leave the old stuff from the past and just focus on what I have now and look forward to how much more awesome it will be in the future.