Playing Video Games is Painful, So I Use Aspercreme


I have been playing video games my whole life. I have never experienced this pain. First of all, my right forearm feels like I’ve been squeezing one of those spring hand grips at the gym for hours and hours every day. The muscles are so tight and it hurts like hell. The reason that is happening is because I am pushing the buttons and using my thumb to control the right stick on my new PlayStation 4 game controller. My left hand is constantly controlling the left stick, and I don’t have this issue with my left arm.

Yesterday I found a Icy Hot stick in the medicine cabinet and used that on my arm and shoulder, but unfortunately there wasn’t enough stick, so the plastic was scraping my skin lol. I decided to go to the grocery store to find something else, something not a stick, but a cream. I have always used Aspercreme in the past because that is what my mother always used. If anyone knew pain, it was my mother, so I trust her judgment when it comes to things like this.

It actually did the trick for awhile. I played Lego The Hobbit for an hour or 2, then DC Universe Online and then Minecraft, so I did play for quite some time before I went to bed. Believe it or not, I woke up this morning with no pain. The pain is usually a constant thing from when I wake up until I go back to sleep, and I woke up feeling refreshed.

I know that this is not something I should be using all the time, because it is medicine, and medicine takes a toll on your body if you abuse it too much, but I would just like to continue using it until my muscles are actually used to the torture of pushing a button lol.