Destiny on PS4


I’ve always hated first person shooter games, mainly because I didn’t like the thought that I would be murdering people. I know, it’s just a game, they aren’t real people and no one is actually getting hurt, but it has just always turned me off. It would be one thing if I am killing goblins, orcs, trolls, ogres or anything else that is not real, but humans, that’s just weird to me.

When I got my PS4 for Christmas, I had the choice of 4 games. Destiny, NBA 2K15, Far Cry 4 or Little Big Planet 3. I didn’t want Destiny or Far Cry 4 because those were shooter games. I didn’t want NBA 2K15 because I’m not big on sports. I wanted to choose Little Big Planet 3, but I have the first LBP on my PSP and I honestly didn’t think it would be any better than the version I already have, which I am stuck on, and that fact is what made me decide to not choose LBP. I decided I would watch YouTube gameplay videos for Destiny and Far Cry 3. I also asked some Gaymers on Facebook and most of them told me Destiny. It was ultimately my decision, but I chose Destiny because I loved that it’s science fiction and that I would be flying around in space. It also helped that the bad guys are evil aliens instead of humans.

I tried playing it, but I became too addicted to Minecraft. When that addiction started to subside, I decided to go back to Destiny, and now look at me, I’m level 23. I’m actually level 20, but the light from my new level 20 gear brought me up to level 23. I guess there is a level cap at 20, but your light can take you to level 32 thanks to the Dark Below expansion, which I paid $20 extra for.

So far I’ve been to the Cosmodrome in Russia, which seems to be the only place on Earth you can go to, I’ve been to the Moon and to Venus. I spent a lot of my time doing missions in the Cosmodrome rather than doing story because I kept dying in story at my lower level, so I waited until I had better gear and weapons.

I have not gone into the PVP areas because I don’t do well when I have to play with others, especially if I have to chat with people. The last bad experience I had with that was when I was playing Lord of the Rings Online, and this experience actually turned me off playing with other people. I was doing a group raid on this one place and the quest involved lighting these pillars on fire, so I said “Flame on?” meaning should we light the fires? Someone said something like I don’t do that faggot shit or something to that effect, and it really pissed me off. That was in text too. If I have to have my headphones on with a mic and have to deal with people with my voice, I don’t know how much I may overreact and end up giving myself such a horrible reputation with other players. You never know if they may spread rumors about me in the message boards or whatever. I wouldn’t mind joining a clan, which is like a guild, if that clan has gay people or is a gay clan. At least I know they aren’t going to do that to me.

Well, this game has turned out to be a lot of fun, and I’m glad I chose it.