Epoch-Man Arrived


I received my Epoch-Man several days ago, but I didn’t blog about it immediately because, well, I mean who really cares? Am I right? Do you? Probably not.

When I bought my Epoch-Man, I blogged that I bought it from eBay really inexpensive for only $10 plus shipping from Japan. The reason it was only $10 was because it has scratches and some of the LCD graphics don’t show up when you are playing the game. Well, I discovered that if you press the front and back near the Alarm button, those graphics will appear. I noticed that the case isn’t completely closed from the bottom, and I thought perhaps if I unscrewed it and took it apart, perhaps I might relieve something that is stuck inside the game that is causing this to happen, but as I was trying to open the case, the sides started to crack, old plastic and all, so I aborted the mission and put the screws back in. It’s not like I’m going to be playing the game or anything.

Anyway, it’s wonderful to actually have it in my hands and to be able to look at it once again after all these years, even though my original Epoch-Man game did not say Pak Pak man on the top in red letters, it said Epoch-Man. That doesn’t matter, it’s the same thing, so who cares.

I am very happy that I was able to get it and at such a great price. I will keep it in the plastic to keep it from getting dirty and dusty and to prevent more scratches.