The Jig is Up


I got my Jig today to fix my bricked Samsung Galaxy S3 phone, and it didn’t work. My phone is still bricked and there is nothing I can do to fix it. We went to a cell phone repair place, but they don’t fix operating system or software problems, they fix hardware problems, like if you dropped your phone and the glass broke or whatever.

Since I have no other alternative to getting my phone fixed, I decided to just call FreedomPop and tell them what happened and that I need a new phone. They connected me with the sales dept who sold me a new phone for $169 plus shipping and tax and it ended up being $200. The refurbished one I bought from NoMoreRack was only $100 with free shipping, but this one is (hopefully) brand new, so I won’t (hopefully) have the same issues with tweeting pictures or having issues installing apps. They didn’t say when my new phone would arrive, but I have an order number, so I guess I can call. She took down my email address and an alternative email address, so perhaps I will get an email soon with the tracking number.

I am pissed off at myself, but at the same time I’m kind of glad this happened because if this phone has been giving me problems, why should I have to keep using it? I’m sure most people don’t put up with the little things, like not being able to tweet pictures, or installing apps that won’t install any actual files. And why should I have to put up with that if I’m paying for the phone and the service?

Anyway, I’ll be glad when it arrives. I’ll have a new phone number, but when the new phone comes I can call them and request them to transfer my old number onto the new phone. I say old as if I’ve had it for years, but truthfully I’ve only had that number for a few months since I bought it. I’ve already had 1 phone number change this year, I don’t want to have to tell everyone the number changed yet again. It’s annoying lol.