No More @Kodak Printer

kodak easy share all in one 5300

I have had my Kodak EasyShare 5300 All-in-One printer for many years. My partner bought it for me the year it came out. He bought it on one of those home shopping shows with a credit card. I believe it was the NBC home shopping channel.  I’ve had issues before and Kodak has sent me a new print head and it fixed it, in fact that happened twice. This time my issue is that it wasn’t printing anything, I was getting blank sheets. I figured the same problem was happening so I bought a new print head from Amazon along with more ink which I paid $40 for. Yeah, um… that still didn’t work.

I went to the Kodak website for help. I clicked the contact button and I spoke with a Kodak tech support via instant message through their website. I told them what happened and that I bought a new print head and new ink and I was getting blank sheets. He told me after about 20 minutes that it sounds like a hardware issue. In all fairness, my printer is pretty old. I would say it is about 6 to 8 years old, so I am sure it is just ready to die lol. He told me that he can offer me a refurbished Kodak Hero 6.1 for $89.99. I don’t have the money now, I have spent $55 this month on a print head and ink, so I can’t possibly afford to spend any more money considering I am down to about $15 in the bank and $15 on PayPal and I need every dime I can get to buy groceries, and we’re only in the middle of the month.

kodak hero 6.1

This is the Hero 6.1. It is a nice printer. Not only does it print and scan, but it also works as a copier and it has a fax machine in it and it is wireless, which means we can print from our respective tablets. But, without money, there is no way I can afford this.

I had to close my Etsy shop because I can’t print shipping labels or receipts. I reopened it because I really need the money to survive this month. $30 isn’t going to go very far. When someone buys something on my Etsy shop, they will get a receipt via email so I really don’t have to print a receipt, and I can bring all packages to the post office to mail them, it will cost me twice as much in postage, but I am still in business without my printer.

I told the Kodak tech support guy that I can’t buy the printer now, but I would love to have the option next month when I have the money and asked if I could still buy it and he said to keep the chat reference number and to open a new support chat and mention the reference number when I am ready, which I will.

After I left the chat I tried printing again and it did print the demo sheet, but it was all blue. I tried to print the calibration sheet and it printed it with the blue and the red, although it was more pink. It didn’t print any other color. I tried printing the back of my friendship bracelet business cards which is all black text and it was a blank sheet. I tried it 5 more times and got 5 more blank sheets. I definitely need a new printer.

The Hero 6.1 is $366 on Amazon and they sell the refurbished ones for $100 so $11 less is good. I would have to pay for taxes and shipping, so I’m sure it would come to about $110 to $120, but that is still better than $366. Who knows if I will be able to buy it though. If I get a bunch of orders then I might be able to (hint hint wink wink).

Kodak EasyShare 5300 Issues

Chip bought me this printer many years ago for Christmas. I believe it was in 2006 and I was coming home from visiting my aunts in Texas and he surprised me with it when I came home from the airport. But I could be wrong about the year and when he surprised me with it. I do remember that I was coming home from visiting someone and this was my Christmas present, but I digress.

I believe in Kodak. I believe they make a quality product and they don’t sell crap that you only own for a few years and have to buy a new one. I’ve had this printer for a lot longer than I had my HP, Dell and… Oh I can’t seem to remember the name of my very first printer. Every printer I’ve ever owned before this one has let me down. This printer has worked every single time no matter what.

The issue I am having has happened a couple times before and the solution was the same both times. My printer shoots blank sheets out and I do the deep clean and all that does is drain my ink cartridges and then I have to buy more just to have those drain the same way. Both times Kodak sent me a new printer head along with brand new ink cartridges to replace the ones I lost from the deep cleaning.

I’ve often wondered what happens to all the ink or where it goes and this answered my question.


This is bad, and for some of reason the sponge material that is under the cartridge touches the paper as you can see here.


I wasn’t exactly sure how I could handle this issue. I got ink on my fingers when I removed the paper and was able to wash it off with just water and a wash cloth, so I figured that if it came off my finger so easily, it might come out of that spongey material. I wet some paper towels and let the ink soak into the paper towel, which it did. I had to use another one and then a dry one and it seems to have worked to clean the ink that was drained from my brand new black ink cartridge that by the way I just bought this week at Target. My color cartridge was also full and now they are both empty.

Since a new printer head was the solution before, I figured since I’ve had it for so many years that I would just buy it from Amazon and not ask for a free one it from Kodak. Then again I don’t know if they would give me a free one, they might sell it to me for $50 for all I know. The one I bought on Amazon was only $16 with free shipping if my order was $35 or more. I bought some Kodak compatible ink to replace the ones that I drained from the deep cleaning. They were only $22 and I’m getting 2 XL color and 3 XL black cartridges. My total was $40.

When I was at target buying ink this week, I also bought a new bicycle pump and 2 new tubes. I wanted to buy rechargeable bike lights for $30, but I figured I wouldn’t have enough money for the rest of the month, and now I’m glad I didn’t buy them. The most important thing to me right now is to be able to print receipts and shipping labels for my Etsy shop which is in vacation mode until my printer works again.

It seems that everything is happening to me this month. I’m just waiting for a giant safe or grand piano to fall on my head lol. Let’s just hope the rest of the month doesn’t continue on this path, but just in case it does, I’m laying low.