No More @Kodak Printer

kodak easy share all in one 5300

I have had my Kodak EasyShare 5300 All-in-One printer for many years. My partner bought it for me the year it came out. He bought it on one of those home shopping shows with a credit card. I believe it was the NBC home shopping channel.  I’ve had issues before and Kodak has sent me a new print head and it fixed it, in fact that happened twice. This time my issue is that it wasn’t printing anything, I was getting blank sheets. I figured the same problem was happening so I bought a new print head from Amazon along with more ink which I paid $40 for. Yeah, um… that still didn’t work.

I went to the Kodak website for help. I clicked the contact button and I spoke with a Kodak tech support via instant message through their website. I told them what happened and that I bought a new print head and new ink and I was getting blank sheets. He told me after about 20 minutes that it sounds like a hardware issue. In all fairness, my printer is pretty old. I would say it is about 6 to 8 years old, so I am sure it is just ready to die lol. He told me that he can offer me a refurbished Kodak Hero 6.1 for $89.99. I don’t have the money now, I have spent $55 this month on a print head and ink, so I can’t possibly afford to spend any more money considering I am down to about $15 in the bank and $15 on PayPal and I need every dime I can get to buy groceries, and we’re only in the middle of the month.

kodak hero 6.1

This is the Hero 6.1. It is a nice printer. Not only does it print and scan, but it also works as a copier and it has a fax machine in it and it is wireless, which means we can print from our respective tablets. But, without money, there is no way I can afford this.

I had to close my Etsy shop because I can’t print shipping labels or receipts. I reopened it because I really need the money to survive this month. $30 isn’t going to go very far. When someone buys something on my Etsy shop, they will get a receipt via email so I really don’t have to print a receipt, and I can bring all packages to the post office to mail them, it will cost me twice as much in postage, but I am still in business without my printer.

I told the Kodak tech support guy that I can’t buy the printer now, but I would love to have the option next month when I have the money and asked if I could still buy it and he said to keep the chat reference number and to open a new support chat and mention the reference number when I am ready, which I will.

After I left the chat I tried printing again and it did print the demo sheet, but it was all blue. I tried to print the calibration sheet and it printed it with the blue and the red, although it was more pink. It didn’t print any other color. I tried printing the back of my friendship bracelet business cards which is all black text and it was a blank sheet. I tried it 5 more times and got 5 more blank sheets. I definitely need a new printer.

The Hero 6.1 is $366 on Amazon and they sell the refurbished ones for $100 so $11 less is good. I would have to pay for taxes and shipping, so I’m sure it would come to about $110 to $120, but that is still better than $366. Who knows if I will be able to buy it though. If I get a bunch of orders then I might be able to (hint hint wink wink).

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