My New Kodak Hero 6.1 Office AiO Printer

kodak hero 6.1 AiO printer

My new refurbished Kodak Hero 6.1 Office AiO printer arrived today and I could not be happier.

The email that I received mentioned that I would not get a new print head or any ink, but since I had just bought a print head and a bunch of ink I should be fine. They also had to send me a new power cable because the one that belonged to my Kodak EasyShare 5300 printer wouldn’t work, but they didn’t charge me for that. They didn’t send me a new USB cable because the one I had would work, and did work. It sure is a good thing I didn’t get rid of my old printer before the new one came, I would’ve been in trouble if I had recycled the USB cable.

There are several features that my old printer did not have, nor have any other printer I have ever had in the last 17 years that I’ve been using computers. Wow, has it been that long already?

2-sided printing: This is a new concept to me. I have heard of it, but have never experienced it. I tried it as a test and was blown away. It was like someone had just shown me the invention of a thing called “sliced bread” and it blew my mind. It printed the 2nd page, then it sucked the sheet back in and it printed the other side. WOW! I’ve never seen anything like it.

Fax Machine: I used to be able to fax when I had Windows 98. I used my scanner to scan the sheet and since my computer was hooked up to a modem for the interwebs, I was able to use the modem to call a phone number. I was also able to receive a fax that would use my printer to print the fax, or I could just view it on my screen. So faxing is not new to me, but when I upgraded to DSL in 2001, I lost the ability to fax. Of course I have not tried that out, but I am sure when the time will come, it will fascinate me to no end.

Wi-Fi and Cloud Printing: When I got my Kodak EasyShare 5300 AiO printer, I read somewhere that there was a printer that you could print to from another computer through the Wi-Fi, but my printer did not have that capability. I found out that I could have bought a USB stick that when plugged in to my other printer would give me that ability, but it was something like $30 – $60, can’t recall the exact amount, but yeah… no. Couldn’t afford that. We didn’t really have Wi-Fi back then anyway, so it didn’t really matter. I looked in to it when we did get Wi-Fi, but the price tag was too high. I have this connected and it’s neat, but I am not quite sure how to print anything from my Nook or my cell phone yet. I went to my Etsy Shop with my Nook and clicked print on a customers receipt, but nothing happened. When I say nothing happened, I don’t mean that nothing printed, I mean that clicking the link didn’t do any good because a window to open a print dialog did not open. I’m sure it would work if I were using a Windows laptop or my Chromebook, but not my Nook. I haven’t tried my phone yet. It did give me an email address that I could send emails to and it would print out the attachments if that’s what I wanted to print, but that’s not exactly the type of thing I want.

kodak graph and line templatePrintable Forms: I actually did not see this one coming from a mile away. I actually found it by accident. I watched videos and never once did they mention you could print graph paper, ruled school paper, shopping lists, to-do lists, tic-tac-toe and sheet music of all things. I printed a sheet of graph paper and the wide ruled school notebook paper  and was completely blown away. It also has narrow ruled. I would be cool if it could suck the sheet back in and print on the other side, but I’m not going to push my luck.

Another feature that sort of blew my mind was the status monitor because it tells me how much paper I have in the printer. I don’t mean the page count, it says like I have 80% of paper in there. I can have 200 sheets in there, which is pretty freaking cool considering my other printers would only hold 30-50 sheets. It also tells me that my black ink is 100% while my color ink is 45% and that 2-sided printing is enabled. The little screen on the front of the printer shows me the image of how much ink and paper I have, but it doesn’t say a percentage. Not that I need to know, but still.

I’m pretty happy and impressed that I got this refurbished printer for only $89.99 plus tax and shipping for a total of $104 and change. It is on Amazon brand new right now for nearly $449.99, 6 new and used for $139.99. So yeah, I think I got a great deal. The newest version, the Hero 9.1 is sold on Amazon used right now for $199.50. It doesn’t have nearly as many buttons, and a giant touch screen, which I am sure would look awesome, but I am happy with what I have.

I loved my Kodak EasyShare 5300 AiO printer, but I really love this new one. It’s a shame that my old printer died on me, but I’m glad it did. I have had many good years with it, but I was due for an upgrade. I hope to have many years with this one and I look forward to my mind being blown away with the next thing when this one dies.