Los Angeles Times for Nook

One of the reasons I wanted to buy the Nook is so that I could get Darrin a subscription to the Los Angeles times. A monthly subscription is only $10 but he buys it every day despite him having a subscription to the Bakersfield Californian. He reads BOTH! If he got the Nook subscription he would save $20 per month because they cost $1 per day and $2 on Sundays.

I was looking at the customer reviews on the Barnes and Noble website for the Los Angeles Times for Nook and because customers had given them such a bad review I decided that I wouldn’t get it.

Although, now that I have my Nook I still wanted to see what it would look like so I bought todays paper for .75¢.

You know it’s not that bad. The customer reviews said that they don’t have chapters but they do. The chapters are the different sections of the newspaper like Calendar, Sports etc.

The front page shows what I assume to be the main article that you see on the front of the actual newspaper, the headliner. It’s not the entire article, it’s a picture then a title and the first paragraph from the article. If you want to read it you can push the little button on the touchscreen for opening a book, although in this case it’s opening an article or you just push the buttons on the side to turn the page for more articles which have the same deal. You aren’t forced to read any article you don’t want, just turn the page until you find the one you want to read then click it to read.

I read a few articles already and it actually reads very well. I’m glad that I was persistent enough to actually buy an article before giving up on the whole idea.

Although, Darrin still doesn’t want it. He much prefers to read the actual paper. But that’s good for the Los Angeles times because they are still making money off him with the $8 a week he spends on the paper.

And they say print is dead, HA it’s alive and kicking in this household.

Shafter Police Officer Video Tapes Attack

I just saw this on the Bakersfield Californian website via Facebook.

Caught on tape: Shafter officer inadvertently videotapes himself beating suspect

This cop in Shafter turned off the safety on his taser which turned the video camera on and he inadvertently video taped himself beating a suspect who was not resisting arrest.  He had his taser in 1 hand and his baton in the other hand which is what he beat him with.

Q: Do you think the city and county ought to buy cameras for all their police tasers, like Shafter has done?

A: They have the dashboard cameras for chases, they should be video taped the entire time, not just when they pull people over but also when they have to run after a suspect and they are far from the vehicle. It protects them but it also protects us from them.

Britain has head-mounted video cameras for their police officers and I think that America needs that too.  Although, this article says that it cost $6 million dollars for 2,000 cameras and that’s probably more than our countries budget can afford, especially since the deficit is much higher now.  But perhaps this will be put in place some time in the future.  Maybe certain cities can buy 1 for each of their officers that go out on the streets only.  Maybe this will force them to be peace officers instead of dickhead officers.

Bakersfield Californian Newsbloid


Since I don’t even read the newspaper I shouldn’t have an opinion but I think having a newspaper that looks like a tabloid is weird.  That one that this guy is reading looks so thin, why do they even bother printing the news if it’s that small?  Why not just abandon the newspaper altogether if you can’t even print it a respectable size?

Or, and this is just a suggestion, why not have more stories to tell?  First they shrink the newspaper down now they are shrinking it way.

I don’t know, I think it looks neat because it’s smaller and probably easier to hold since it’s like a tabloid so it’s not falling apart while you are reading it and when you go to read the different sections you don’t have to fidget with all that paper.

But still, it doesn’t look like a newspaper.  It looks too strange to be a newspaper.  How are all the spies supposed to hide their face when they are holding what looks like a tabloid?  Now if you are holding it up to your face people will know you are trying to hide your face because you are holding your arms high up to cover your face.  It just doesn’t look right.

The Bakersfield Californian Tabloid

Bakersfield, CA is going to change their newspaper to the size of the tabloid.  It’s already only a few pages per section so I guess they are going to just change it completely so it’s like a magazine.  I guess nothing good goes on in this town that they just don’t have anything to report.

The Bakersfield Californian will change to a tabloid-size product on Monday through Friday starting on Monday, Aug. 17. One of its many benefits is a unique new Classifieds section complete with color-coded sections for ease of use.

That is a quote from their Facebook page.  You know they charge .80 cents for their paper and then the store charges you .05 cents on top of that.  So we pay .85 cents for the newspaper that takes Darrin 10 minutes to read lol.  It’s kind of a rip off if you ask me.  I personally don’t ever read the newspaper, why should I when I can just watch the news you know?  I don’t care about the classifieds, cartoons, obituaries etc.

What I want them to do is put their newspaper on the Kindle because I really want an excuse to get a Kindle lol so maybe if it were kindlized I might buy a Kindle.  I already asked them and they said that they have a digital version but in a PC only program.

I bet you anything if they change to tabloid sized newspaper the price will go up again.

Is Bakersfield A Safe Place To Ride A Bicycle?

Is Bakersfield a safe place to ride a bicycle?

This article was in today’s Bakersfield Californian newspaper.

In my opinion it is only safe to ride a bicycle if you are a defensive rider.  If you are watching where you are going, looking both left and right, never crossing the street unless you have the green light (or in some cases walk signal).  Never riding on the wrong side of the road then crossing while a car is turning left (which happened to me).

This one time I was leaving the bike path and I was crossing the street and this pickup truck was pulling out in front of me while he was looking right at me.  He nearly ran me over.  This was about 10am in the morning too so it’s not like he was drinking and driving… that I know of at least.

I have a little mirror that is attached to my helmet and I’m constantly looking at it to see the traffic behind me so I know what is coming at me.

Now I cannot say that it is 100% safe to ride as early as I do because even at 4:30am there are probably still some drunk drivers out there but usually when I ride that early there are maybe 1 or 2 cars every 10 minutes so it’s pretty safe where and when I ride.

You also have to consider the fact that I’m not riding in the busy streets along with traffic.  I start out in a neighborhood and I’m pretty much only in neighborhoods until I get to the bike path so there is not that much danger of getting hit.  And I know a route that gets me to the mall and to Target where it’s through neighborhoods and I never have to drive with traffic.

So is Bakersfield a safe place to ride a bicycle?  I think it is during the morning or during the daytime IF you aren’t driving in traffic where there are no bike paths or where cars are parked right in the bike path.  If you try to ride through neighborhoods then you are safe.  But if you drive alongside cars then there is never a guarantee that you are ever safe.  Even if you are crossing the street you aren’t ever safe because there are always reports of people getting killed while crossing the street.  Is it safe for me to ride here?  Yes, because I am a defensive rider and I pick the best safest routes.

If you live in a city that you aren’t sure where the safest routes are, why not just go to your favorite map website, I go to google maps and I map out my route then I adjust the route so I am going through neighborhoods then I print it out and hold it while riding through that neighborhood so I learn it so the next time I have to go that way I will remember.  And if I don’t remember then I print it out again (if I threw the old map out that is).