Bakersfield Californian Newsbloid


Since I don’t even read the newspaper I shouldn’t have an opinion but I think having a newspaper that looks like a tabloid is weird.  That one that this guy is reading looks so thin, why do they even bother printing the news if it’s that small?  Why not just abandon the newspaper altogether if you can’t even print it a respectable size?

Or, and this is just a suggestion, why not have more stories to tell?  First they shrink the newspaper down now they are shrinking it way.

I don’t know, I think it looks neat because it’s smaller and probably easier to hold since it’s like a tabloid so it’s not falling apart while you are reading it and when you go to read the different sections you don’t have to fidget with all that paper.

But still, it doesn’t look like a newspaper.  It looks too strange to be a newspaper.  How are all the spies supposed to hide their face when they are holding what looks like a tabloid?  Now if you are holding it up to your face people will know you are trying to hide your face because you are holding your arms high up to cover your face.  It just doesn’t look right.

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