Free Adult Buffet Meal

Today is my 1 year anniversary since I signed up with Hometown Buffet through their website.  When I signed up I got a free adult buffet meal and then I got another coupon via email on my birthday and now today I just got another coupon for a free adult buffet meal on my 1 year anniversary.

I just thought I would pass along the savings by giving you this link to sign up with the Hometown Buffet eclub.  That link was given to me in my coupon to email to people but I thought I would do better by posting the link here in my blog for you all instead.  I’m not sure what happens by allowing people to sign up with me as a reference but who knows, I might get more free coupons lol.

Tiny Bicycle-Towed House is Self Sufficient

Tiny bicycle-towed house is self-sufficient – from

This is awesome!  I couldn’t think of anything better for a person who is homeless.  Besides it being so claustrophobic I think I could live in this if I absolutely had to.

Of course this isn’t an ideal living space but as long as you are happy with it then that’s fine.

This guy made it “just in case Swine Flu resulted in an apocalypse that required him to be entirely self-sufficient” lol.  It was only meant for him to have shelter during Burning Man but I can see using it some other times.  For example you could go camping with this and you can move around and never have to worry about setting camp up again.

My concern is, where do you store all of your food?  I mean, food is going to make this thing too heavy to pull.  It’s still cool and I wish I had one lol.

Hypospray Is Reality

Needle-free injection systems takes a cue from air bags – from

This is awesome.  They finally have the Star Trek hypospray.  I don’t know what took them so long.  This will be great for diabetics who don’t really like sticking themselves everyday to get their insulin injections.

The days of sharing needles for drug users will be over too, that is if they can get one of these.  I’m not promoting it, just saying that there won’t be the risk of contamination of needles and exposing people to the AIDS virus.

Video Advertising Comes To Print Media

A Los Angeles company creates a video player that can be installed in the pages of a magazine.

This has to be the coolest thing to happen to magazines since well, the magazine.  But unfortunately the only people who are going to get this will be those who have subscribed and only New York and Los Angeles.  This will be the beginning of a new era for magazines.  It sorta reminds me of Harry Potter except that in Harry Potter the images don’t speak and it’s all over the newspaper not just in 1 page.