Video On Demand

I don’t know if it’s just Bright House cable or not.  I’m sure it’s not although I asked my aunt if she had “On Demand” with her Direct TV and she said she doesn’t know what that is.

For those who do not live in Bakersfield, CA and do not have Bright House cable or any other service provider that doesn’t have On Demand, it’s the best thing since the DVR.

In fact you don’t even need to own a DVR for this.  Hell, you can just toss out your VCR for that matter.

You just flip to the On Demand channel of choice.  Take for example Primetime On Demand.  They have all the networks, CBS, FX, NBC, USA just to name a few.  You choose the network of the show you want to watch.  Then once it has a list of all that networks shows then you scroll to find your show and click Select then find the episode you want to watch and push the B button to play it.  It  has very very limited commercial interruption too.  Like instead of having to wait 2 or 3 minutes you just have to endure a 30 second commercial here and there.  That’s it.

It’s not just Primetime on Demand.  There is HBO and Showtime on Demand which will allow you to watch all the movies you have missed when they aired and you can pause, rewind and even fast forward.  If you missed True Blood then wait until the next day and see it on demand.  Or if you were just a half an hour late just click the Select button for the Start Over feature.  You can’t forward in that mode, just pause but that’s ok, you don’t want to cheat now do you?

The reason I brought it up is because I missed Merlin last night on NBC but they don’t have last nights episode there.  I checked the tv guide website and apparently there was no episode last night so I gotta wait another week lol.  That kinda bites but whacha gonna do eh?

Last Night for Chia Time-Lapse

Tonight is the final night for the Chia Pet time-lapse project.  I still can’t believe my laptop hasn’t had a blue screen or rebooted on its own after being turned on 24 hours a day for the last 7 days.  When I first started it I had it on every second and immediately got a blue screen so of course I had to change it to 1 minute but then after the first 24 hours I saw that it hadn’t even started sprouting yet and I had accidentally moved it a few times so I thought well, it’s time to just start all over.

So on Tuesday morning I started it up again at every 5 minutes instead of every 1 minute.  I checked and there are 1200 pictures so that’s pretty good.  I’ve still been moving it accidentally every day practically lol.  Oops!  I try to move it back to the way it was but I’m sure I didn’t get it exactly right.  I’ll find out when the software I bought puts the video together.

I found a good song online (for free) that I’m going to use against the time-lapse.  I also have footage of me spreading the seeds and stuff.  I’m also going to do a short 1 minute video after I hit the stop button on the laptop that will be on after the time-lapse.

I can’t wait.

Video Professor Free?

I see these commercials all the time for Video Professor where the “chairman” talks about how he gives away his lessons on CD for free.  Well, I hate to disillusion anybody but it ain’t free.

I ordered my “free” lesson and when it finally came in the mail I saw the fine print.  It’s free for a certain amount of time.  After that specific time is up they automatically charge your credit card $70.

I got the Frontpage lessons because I thought I was getting it for free for the cost of shipping.  I saw the warning and immediately called the number and told them I am sending it back the next day as soon as I wake up lol.  There is no way I am rich enough to be able to afford $70 for lessons for a program that I’ve been using since 1997 that I am clearly able to use without any of their lessons.  I just thought that they would be able to tell me something I didn’t know but every lesson in there was something I am aware of lol.

It would be one thing if they charged $20 plus shipping for a lesson, that’s at least reasonable but $70 that’s a bit much.  Is it false advertising that they say it’s free then you find out it’s $70?  I think it is.

Ok I have to admit something.  This happened like 2 years ago lol.  I just saw the commercial and it jogged my memory and so I thought I would blog about it lol.

The Bakersfield Californian Tabloid

Bakersfield, CA is going to change their newspaper to the size of the tabloid.  It’s already only a few pages per section so I guess they are going to just change it completely so it’s like a magazine.  I guess nothing good goes on in this town that they just don’t have anything to report.

The Bakersfield Californian will change to a tabloid-size product on Monday through Friday starting on Monday, Aug. 17. One of its many benefits is a unique new Classifieds section complete with color-coded sections for ease of use.

That is a quote from their Facebook page.  You know they charge .80 cents for their paper and then the store charges you .05 cents on top of that.  So we pay .85 cents for the newspaper that takes Darrin 10 minutes to read lol.  It’s kind of a rip off if you ask me.  I personally don’t ever read the newspaper, why should I when I can just watch the news you know?  I don’t care about the classifieds, cartoons, obituaries etc.

What I want them to do is put their newspaper on the Kindle because I really want an excuse to get a Kindle lol so maybe if it were kindlized I might buy a Kindle.  I already asked them and they said that they have a digital version but in a PC only program.

I bet you anything if they change to tabloid sized newspaper the price will go up again.