Last Night for Chia Time-Lapse

Tonight is the final night for the Chia Pet time-lapse project.  I still can’t believe my laptop hasn’t had a blue screen or rebooted on its own after being turned on 24 hours a day for the last 7 days.  When I first started it I had it on every second and immediately got a blue screen so of course I had to change it to 1 minute but then after the first 24 hours I saw that it hadn’t even started sprouting yet and I had accidentally moved it a few times so I thought well, it’s time to just start all over.

So on Tuesday morning I started it up again at every 5 minutes instead of every 1 minute.  I checked and there are 1200 pictures so that’s pretty good.  I’ve still been moving it accidentally every day practically lol.  Oops!  I try to move it back to the way it was but I’m sure I didn’t get it exactly right.  I’ll find out when the software I bought puts the video together.

I found a good song online (for free) that I’m going to use against the time-lapse.  I also have footage of me spreading the seeds and stuff.  I’m also going to do a short 1 minute video after I hit the stop button on the laptop that will be on after the time-lapse.

I can’t wait.

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