True Blood

Wow, this show is a roller coaster ride.  Every time I watch it I’m like whoa.

In season 1 when grams died I was in shock.  I just wasn’t expecting them to kill her off and so soon in the show too.  Then it just seemed like every episode I was left with whoa, that happened didn’t it?

Season 2 is the same.  It’s like they have this formula that just works and you can’t escape it.  It’s as though the creators of this show have glamoured me just like a vampire can glamor people.

Now Sookie has a new power with her hands but it has only worked on Mary Ann so far.  She didn’t even know she had this and perhaps it’s because she didn’t need to know she had it because it only works on 1 person which is the demon Mary Ann.  Actually she needs to know how to control it so it would’ve been good for her to know she had it so she could figure out how to use it.  Although if it only works on Mary Ann then she wouldn’t be able to practice but when she does need it I’m sure she will be able to figure it out on the spot.  Trial and error I guess.

Boy has Sookie missed some shit up in her crib while she was gone in Texas.  If she stayed she would’ve probably been killed because Mary Ann probably wouldn’t have been able to glamor her.

I would like to know where all the Bon Temps vampires are and why they didn’t contact their sheriff Eric to tell him that some shit’s goin’ down lol.  I know Bill isn’t the only one in Bon Temps.

Well, I love the show and I hate that they only have 12 episodes.  Too bad they don’t have a regular season at the same time as all the network channels do from September/October to May.  24 episodes per season would be awesome lol.  I think it would be neat to have a Halloween and Christmas episode don’t you?

Shoulder Exercises – Bad

Well I thought that working my shoulder muscles on my home gym was going to help my shoulder but it’s only making it worse.  The first couple of days I was doing it my shoulder started feeling better.  I was already making plans to go bike riding after a week hoping that this would fix the problem and I’d be back to normal.

I was only doing 4 out of those 6 exercises and only doing 10 reps of each and I’m not using that much weight.  My weider home gym works by the height that you have it set to.  If you have it set real low then you aren’t use any weight at all but if you have it set at its highest point then you are using all of your weight and probably then some.  And if you use the bungees at the bottom you are adding more resistance.  I was only doing it 1/4 high.  I don’t know exactly how much weight that is because they didn’t give me a chart on how to calculate how much weight I’m lifting but I can only assume that I’m only using 1/4 of my weight which would be 60lbs.

I also stopped the cold/heat because I believe it was causing problems with my left arm.  For the last week I was using cold/heat the pain was going down my left arm and it was almost at my hand so by stopping the cold/heat the pain actually went away in my arm.  It was going away from my back too and I thought that perhaps it was due to me using the gym.  Perhaps it was a combination of both.  Maybe stopping cold/heat and starting the gym.  Maybe I should’ve stopped the cold/heat for a few days then started up again and maybe I should’ve only used the gym once per day instead of 2-3 times per day.

Whatever the reason the pain is coming back for is beyond me.  I just know I can’t suffer anymore.  I am suffering and I am tired of it.  I can’t work, I can’t lay on my left side, I can’t ride my bike, I can’t really do anything at all that involves breathing lol.

Kathy Griffin and Levi?

kathyleviKathy Griffin is all a twitter about Levi Johnston.  You know, Bristol’s baby daddy.  She has been blogging about spooning with him and even saying she is pregnant.

I love you Kathy Griffin.  You are so funny.  She just loves to hook up with someone who is constantly in the spotlight so that she will be in the spotlight (aka tabloids).

Anybody who is a big giant fan of Kathy Griffin (like ME) knows that she loves the attention so if it takes hooking up with Levi for some attention then you go girl.  Although in my opinion and in many other peoples opinions, she is already off the D-list so she doesn’t need to hook up with Levi.  I’m sure she could get George Clooney if she tried.  Or she could try and steal Brad away from Angelina just like how she took him from Jennifer.  Hey it could happen.

Kathy Griffin’s My Life on the D-List is over for the season and I can’t wait for the next season to air.  In the meantime if you would like to pre-order her book Official Book Club Selection click the link to visit her website and order it through Amazon or Barnes and Noble (BN).