Information OVERLOAD

I have been reading a lot of books lately, I’ve made it a point to read every day.  When I finish 1 book then I start another the next day. It can take me 4-5 days to read a book depending on the difficulty and/or length of the book.

The last 2 months I’ve been reading an average of 4 books per month and this month since I bought my Nook I’ve already read 3 books. Although 1 of those isn’t available in e-book format so I had to read it from the actual book but still. We’re somewhere in the middle of the month and I’ve already read 3 and I can see myself reading 2-3 more.

I wonder if I read so many books if they might blend together in my brain and then I won’t remember what I read from which book.  I might think that what happened in the David Eddings novel might have really happened in the Piers Anthony novel and vice versa.

Just as long as I don’t think what happened in the Marguerite Labbe novel happened in the Xanth novel, then I’ll be fine because that would really confuse me lol.

Tomorrow I start reading “Crewel Lye: A Caustic Yarn” by Piers Anthony. By the way, if you have not read any Xanth novels by now based on my past recommendations, you should.  They are so good.  There are 35 in the series although only 33 available for sale and only 17 available in e-book format.

And if you haven’t read any of the Rainbow eBooks yet you should start with “My Heart is Within You” by Marguerite Labbe.  Next month I will be on the final book of the Triquetra Trilogy which is sad because I kinda wanted that series to be longer but that’s ok, she has written other books.

Maybe since I’ve become such a Nook worm (get it? cause I have a Nook… no?) I should dress up as a worm with glasses for Halloween, although instead of reading a book, I’d be reading a Nook lol.

ChessMaster Game for PSP

I bought this game yesterday but only did the tutorial which was more of a lesson, telling you how each piece moves.  It was a lot to take in all at once.  Today I tried a practice game but I was stumped.  I didn’t really know what to do.  If you press the button with the square on it then it gives you a hint to show you where to go.  I kept losing so I started using the hints and I would’ve never even thought to do the moves that it was suggesting and after about 15 minutes I still lost lol.

Chess really is a game that you need a giant brain to play.  I don’t know how the people on Big Brother are able to wrap their brain around it because some of them aren’t very bright lol.  Apparently they are smarter than I am lol.  Unless they are just winging it to pass the time.  That’s my guess.

The whole reason I’ve been wanting to buy this game was so I could learn so I would have a reason to build that gothic chess set but I do realize that it would cost me at least $300 to build it.  It’s not really that worth it lol.  Oh well.

Edit: I calculated the cost of all the molds for making this gothic chess set.  It’s $199 just for the molds.  Then the chess pieces total to $57.42 and the pawns are $54.96.  Total for all of that is $311.38.  That doesn’t even include shipping and the expensive cement that you mix to pour into the molds, the glue and the paint.  I bet you are looking at probably over $400 to make the gothic chess set.  LOL Way too much money.  You have to be really dedicated to chess to want to make this.

Can’t Sleep

I have to take Ambien to help me sleep because I have ADHD really bad.  If I don’t take a sleeping pill I’m up all night.  I’m a real bad insomniac.  I would love to be able to just lay down and bam I’m asleep but I can only do that when I’m so exhausted from lack of sleep lol.

I also have Sleep Apnea which means I gotta wear a mask on my face which forces air into my lungs through my nose and that’s also why I need ambien.  Believe me, if you were me you would not say jack shit about drug abuse by taking ambien because wearing that mask and having the air forced into your lungs doesn’t make falling asleep easy.  I’ve had it for a few years too and I still can’t sleep without a sleeping pill.

My problem though is that I think I’m becoming immune to the effects of the ambien which is why I lay in bed for 2 hours with my eyes closed but brain still open for business.

Well, my first ambien I took was only half a pill (for this very reason) so I’ve already taken the other half and now I’m ready to get back in bed.

Until tomorrow…

Eye Video Camera

Filmmaker shows off eye-mounted wireless video camera – Source

Check this out.  This filmmaker invented an eye mounted wireless video camera that he can plans to use to film a documentary.  He lost an eye as a child and so he has a prosthetic eye.

This would have a very good use for blind people, that is if it had a chip that attached to the brain so that the blind person can see everything that the bionic eye can see.  They could remove the blind eyes and put in 2 prosthetic eyes with the camera installed into them.  I don’t see how you would be able to move the eyes though so I don’t know how that would work.  Although, they could just remove 1 eye because you probably only need 1 good eye to see.

I can see some other uses for this like for example video making, since it’s wireless you can have it recording to a hard drive in your pocket like the size of a USB drive then when you are finished recording you can put it on your computer to edit.

But the con side of that is you could be intimate with someone and they won’t know that you are video taping and then you could put it all over the internet and that person would be humiliated forever.

But, I can also see a good side.  If you are robbed at gunpoint or maybe even killed the police can look at the video to see who robbed and or killed you.

Piracy would be so much easier with this too.  People would go to the movies and be video taping it with their eye, they’d have to keep real still, don’t sneeze.  Then put it out there for all to see.  Same with concerts.  It’s bad enough that there are too many pirates out there stealing money from the movie industry by selling illegal DVDs, I can just imagine that they would find out that they are using a bionic eye then they would have an eye scanner all over the place so you can’t record.  But what if you are blind?  What then?

There are many pros and cons to this and I’m not exactly sure if this will ever happen but who knows, it might be sooner than you think.  I’m sure it will cost several thousands of dollars and it will only go to those who can’t see and there probably won’t be a hard drive for video taping but more a chip attached to the brain for blind people to see.  That’s fair enough.  If they knew it could be used for illegal purposes then they would become illegal to have very fast.

Paranormal State

I was laying in bed watching tv and I had the History channel on most of the day watching these shows about the universe, about space and technology etc.  But that marathon ended and I didn’t want to watch what was on afterwards so I looked at the guide and found Paranormal State on A&E so I changed it to that.

I think there was maybe 2 hours that I saw, 4 episodes.  It was ok, a bit too much for me though.  I much prefer watching Ghost Hunters and GHI.  At one point in the basement of a church this guy was in the bathroom and all of a sudden the guy fell, like he was pushed I guess, I don’t know but you could see the camera falling with him.  He was so freaked out that he couldn’t even speak when they asked him if he’s ok.

I’ve been there I guess, you are just in shock, you can’t move, you can’t even speak, your brain is working overtime trying to figure out what the heck just happened to me that you can’t form the words.  You just need a minute or 2.  I probably would’ve been all HELLO!  HELLO!  CAN YOU HEAR ME?  LOL I’m a jerk.  But if that happened to me and I couldn’t speak I’d actually like someone to snap me out of it so I can tell them what happened.

I guess it’s a good show, I just prefer watching Ghost Hunters.

Chatty Kathy

It may appear that I like to talk a lot.  I mean because I have 460 blogs over the last year and half (including this one).  At the beginning of this blog I only blogged once a day, sometimes only a few times per month.  But then when I started using Word Press all of a sudden I’m blogging sometimes 4 or 5 times a day or more.  I just have a lot to say.

But my online personality is so not the way I am in real life.  I mean, if I have a story to tell then I’m chatting and sometimes wont shut up but there are times that I just don’t talk at all.  It’s not because I have nothing to say but like when I go visit family it seems like my brain freezes, and not the good way like when you drink a Slurpee.  It’s like all the information in my head drained during the flight or bus or car trip.  You know when you are on the freeway for a long time and because you have gone to a higher elevation than you are used to your ears are plugged up?  Well, I think that’s what happens, my ears plug up to keep all the information in but there is a leak somewhere and all the words just leak out.  Maybe it’s when I fall asleep during the trip.  That’s when the defenses are down.

I’ve visited my aunt’s Betty, Louise and Joyce’s house and it seems every time I go there, I can’t talk.  I just have nothing to say.  My brain just clears.  It reboots if you will but windows just doesn’t load properly, it goes into safe mode.

But, you give me a keyboard and I can’t shut up.  All the information needs to be released and it comes out here.