Chatty Kathy

It may appear that I like to talk a lot.  I mean because I have 460 blogs over the last year and half (including this one).  At the beginning of this blog I only blogged once a day, sometimes only a few times per month.  But then when I started using Word Press all of a sudden I’m blogging sometimes 4 or 5 times a day or more.  I just have a lot to say.

But my online personality is so not the way I am in real life.  I mean, if I have a story to tell then I’m chatting and sometimes wont shut up but there are times that I just don’t talk at all.  It’s not because I have nothing to say but like when I go visit family it seems like my brain freezes, and not the good way like when you drink a Slurpee.  It’s like all the information in my head drained during the flight or bus or car trip.  You know when you are on the freeway for a long time and because you have gone to a higher elevation than you are used to your ears are plugged up?  Well, I think that’s what happens, my ears plug up to keep all the information in but there is a leak somewhere and all the words just leak out.  Maybe it’s when I fall asleep during the trip.  That’s when the defenses are down.

I’ve visited my aunt’s Betty, Louise and Joyce’s house and it seems every time I go there, I can’t talk.  I just have nothing to say.  My brain just clears.  It reboots if you will but windows just doesn’t load properly, it goes into safe mode.

But, you give me a keyboard and I can’t shut up.  All the information needs to be released and it comes out here.

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