Plastic Bag Crochet

Plastic Bag Crochet – CRAFT Video Podcast

Last night I was looking around for recycling ideas and I found a way to recycle those plastic grocery bags you get from the store.  Instead of just throwing them away you can create things with them like you can make a more sturdy grocery bag by crocheting pieces that you cut.  I didn’t cut mine in such big pieces but I did more thinner pieces but I was able to crochet a granny square (see below) to see how easy or hard it would be.

I think this is a neat idea if you are obsessed with recycling.  As you can see in this image I didn’t finish the square but the amount you see is from exactly 1 plastic bag not including the handles.  But I did what the woman in the YouTube video (in the first paragraph) did by looping the pieces.  Since my pieces were much thinner they were also more fragile and I’m not sure how durable this square would be if I were to actually make something out of it.  I’m not sure if I turned it into a grocery bag that it wouldn’t break since the pieces are thinner.  If I wanted a grocery bag out of it then I’d cut the pieces in 1 inch pieces like she did just for the durability.


Check this out.  These women in Kenya gather plastic bags that have been dumped and they clean the bags and dry them then they crochet them into different things.

Plastic Bag Crochet Project


Ohio Mom Killed in Home Invasion

Ohio Boy, 4, Found at Rest Stop After Mother Killed During Home Invasion

Man held on $5M bond in slaying of Ohio mom  – Link to news story is broken.

This really gets to me.  This 22-year-old guy in Ohio allegedly invades a home, ties the mother up and then shoots her before kidnapping her son.

“Authorities say he shot and killed the 29-year-old mother in her home and drove her son to an Interstate 70 rest area in central Ohio, where travelers found him wandering around.”

This is really disgusting.  He apologized and said “my fault”.  Pahleez!  I don’t want to hear it.

This is what they are saying on Jane Velez Mitchell on HLN that the child was raped while the mother who was tied up was forced to watch.  But the 2 news stories above don’t mention that part.

The poor kid is scared to death.  According to ABC he has no physical scars and he jumps at every little noise.

Nelson said that while William bears no physical scars from the incident, he’s having a hard time coping with what he saw.

“He’s terrified,” Nelson said of his only child. “Loud noises are just really disturbing to him.”

“When one of William’s young cousins knocked a toy truck down the stairs, he “just from the noise from that, he jumped a mile.”

This poor child.  I really feel sorry for him.  This 22-year-old guy who did this will probably never see the light of day and he will probably be murdered in prison because the other inmates don’t like people who harm children.  And if he did indeed rape this little boy they will indeed rape him before killing him.