I just watched a History On-Demand show about UFO’s in Arizona.  This isn’t a new episode, in fact the footage they have of the alleged “UFO’s” are from 1995 and 1997.

What I believe is that human beings cannot be so arrogant to think that out of the entire universe, the infinite space, that WE are the only life.  Our planet can’t be the only planet that can sustain life.  I mean come on, give me a break.  Even if other planets out there just have animals and no intelligent life, we aren’t the only beings in infinite space.

I may be arrogant at certain times of my life but I’m not that arrogant.

I’m sure that there are other intelligent creatures out there who are capable of building a space craft capable of flying through space from galaxy to galaxy, planet to planet.  If they are, they are probably trying to see what’s going on.  Although, they can observe from space, they don’t have to swoop down and hover above cities that are occupied at 7pm at night and be seen.  They can see our satellites and monitor them whether it be cell phone conversations, satellite tv shows, satellite radio channels, military radio channels.  They can monitor without being seen.  They may be intelligent but who knows, they might not be that bright lol.

If they didn’t want us to know they exist they wouldn’t be hovering above a city in Arizona at night with all the lights on.  If they could monitor the people they would know when bedtime is for everyone and come from 1am – 4am.  So since they are hovering above the city at 7pm then wouldn’t that mean that they want humans to see them?  They want us to know that they are watching, they want us to be comfortable with the idea before they try to communicate with us.

But then again I could be wrong, it was probably flares.  And this is just another rant and ramblings post lol.

Drew Peterson’s Fiancée Movies In

Drew Peterson’s Fiancée Moves In

Remember Drew Peterson whose wife disappeared?  This is the Bolingbrook cop.  Wife number 3 allegedly drowned and wife number 4 is still missing although he still isn’t a suspect for that one.  And now he has another one who would be wife number 5.  Isn’t she just a little bit nervous dating him?

And speaking of dating… what the f is he dating for?  His wife is still missing.  She might have been kidnapped and wants to come back to him.  Or she might have run away or something.  The point is, there is no body so he is still married to her.  He can’t get married to another woman until they know for a fact that she is truly dead.

But whether she is dead or not is totally not the point.  It’s too soon to start dating someone else and having her move in.  I mean come on, the body isn’t even in the ground and he’s already disrespecting his wife by moving in another woman.  If it were me, I’d be looking for her and doing everything in my power to find her even if it means looking for a corpse instead of a living person.  I wouldn’t be dating other women and trying to find a replacement.  Does this man have no shame?

According to the link above, if Stacy Peterson doesn’t respond in 30 days, his marriage is legally over and he can get married.