Jett Travolta

My heart goes out to the family of Jett Travolta.  The Travolta family, John, Kelly Preston and their 2 children were in the Bahamas enjoying a family vacation and their son Jett allegedly had a seizure and fell and hit his head and he passed away.  I don’t know the exact details though so that’s why I say allegedly.

I had seizures when I was an infant all the way up until I was about 15 years old.  I had grandmall and petimall type seizures.  I wasn’t epileptic though but I have a feeling that my seizures weren’t because of epilepsy but instead because of a medication they were giving me.

When I was born I was really shaky.  I had a mild tremble in both my hands which I still have to this day.  I was given Dilantin for the shaking and I ended up having seizures.  They stopped giving it to me for many years, I believe from age 9 until 14, then started giving it to me again when I was 15 and the seizures started up again but they still didn’t contribute it to the Dilantin.  They switched me to Mysolin (sp?) and I had a severe allergic reaction to that medicine and nearly died.  All of a sudden I had a rash from head to toe and that’s the bodies way of telling you that it doesn’t like the medication you are giving it.

Well, back to the Travolta family.  I personally like John Travolta.  I watched Grease a billion times in the 70’s, my sister and I would do the duets together because we both had the entire script memorized lol.  Sad I know.  I especially love that he doesn’t shove Scientology down peoples throats like Mr. Cruise did for 1 year.  He just does his thing and I like that.  He and Kirsty Alley who I love too.  I personally wish that people would stop reporting on Jett’s tragedy because it was an accidental death.  Nobody is to blame and just leave them alone.

I heard on some news show yesterday, I think it was Nancy Grace, she was talking about the release of the autopsy results to the media, she was actually defending the family saying it was a private matter that there was no wrong doing so it is absolutely none of anybody’s business and they absolutely should not release the autopsy results which I totally 100% agree with.  It was a tragedy and the Travolta’s deserve their privacy during this tough time in their lives.

Don’t Text and Drive

As of January 1st 2009 it is illegal to text while driving.  Ok, who does this?  Seriously.  I have trouble picking up a drink while driving then trying to find the place to put it back.  I can’t even eat an ice cream cone while driving without worrying I’m going to end up in a ditch if ice cream drips and falls on my leg when I’m wearing shorts. (This was my experience while doing a driving lesson, Darrin insisted on buying me a soda and ice cream on my first lesson… nice eh?  lol)

Well, now that you can’t text and drive anymore you have much more time to watch tv or play Daxter on your new PSP-3000.  Just make sure you look over the PSP every once in a while to make sure you see the road but of course pause your game first if you think about it.  And while you’re at it, shave while driving or if you are a woman,  put on your eye liner in the mirror.  Don’t forget to make sure you have a lot of sloppy food while you eat.

Seriously though, it’s so dangerous, keep your eyes on the road and don’t get ME killed because you have to text something to someone.  It’s so stupid.