When Playing Becomes Scaring

I have a 3lb Chihuahua.  She likes to play.  She LOVES to play.  I was holding her and blew on her neck, you know like when you blow on a baby’s stomach and it makes a farting sound and it makes them giggle.  Well, I can tell when she’s laughing because she starts sneezing and, well, I can tell.  And so I kept doing it and she thought it was funny, she was having fun.  Then I did it on her side and all of a sudden she got real serious and PEED on me.

I don’t know what’s wrong with her.  Whenever I’m playing with her I kiss her and stuff but whenever my face goes anywhere near her side all of a sudden she gives me this look of horror and starts peeing on me.  It’s like she’s scared all of a sudden that she thinks I’m gonna just start chowing down on her.  As if, she only weighs 3lbs, she barely has any meat on her at all.

We’ve had her for a year, don’t you think that by now if we were going to eat her we would’ve eaten her already?  What’s up with that?  I mean it’s not like we’re fattening her up to prepare her for Thanksgiving dinner, I mean, Thanksgiving has already passed.  LOL.  Poor thing.  I really love her, she’s so cute and so funny but… I don’t want to eat her.

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