Bicycle Of The Future


Check out this new bicycle concept by Marten Wallgren who won the award for best concept in the competition called “Future City Mobility”.

This is a concept for the future so basically in 20 years you might see this in London Gardens which they say is a bus and bicycle only zone.

They don’t really give out much information as to how to obtain one of these bicycles other than showing pictures.  You go to the bus stop where you see all of these bicycles in a tree which stores the bikes.  I can only assume that these are all rentals because they each have a number on them like a license plate number.

When you are riding it you are building up the battery power with your peddling power.  If you are peddling while sitting straight up as if you are on a beach cruiser you are building 1x the battery.  If you are more leaning forward in a faster racing type of mode you are building 3x the battery.  If you are sitting up and letting the motor do all the work you are using the battery instead.

How this helps you out though is by you building up the battery to 100% when you get in a taxi or bus with a holder for this bike you get a free ride if you let the vehicle drain your battery.  I’m not so sure about a free taxi ride but definitely a free bus ride.

This is a neat concept but 2030 is a long way away and it’s possible that this is going to be a London only idea or perhaps it will be copied over to the US and everywhere else in the world before too long.

It will be especially neat if we get our flying cars by 2030 then there won’t be any cars to compete with on the roads because they will all be up in the air.

Back Pain

Well apparently this back pain is a bit more severe than I thought.  I just called the chiropractors office that I used to go to in 2005 and had to leave a message so I hope they get it by tonight so I can make an appointment to hopefully come in tomorrow morning.  I have a doctor’s appointment with the neurologist for my carpel tunnel syndrome near where they used to be but they aren’t too far from there so I will be able to walk there from my neurologist.

I was thinking of bringing my bike with me but I don’t have the proper locks and I’m afraid that my new seat and/or my wheels will get stolen.  I don’t have the money to buy 2 new locks/chains so I’m screwed and have to walk there from the bus stop in pain lol.  Maybe I can think of something though, we have some padlocks that maybe I can borrow from what they are locking and look for some chain that I can use.  Now that I think about it I’m going to start looking for those so I can at least chain up my seat for now.  I really don’t feel like walking all that way tomorrow especially with this back pain.

Bike Trail Home?

Now before I get nasty comments on this I would just like to say that at age 17 I was homeless for 10 months, 1.5 months after my 17th birthday all the way until about 1.5 months before my 18th birthday so I know what it’s like being homeless.  That being said here you go…

So I’m riding on the bike path last week and I stop at the Manor St. rest stop which has about 4 cement benches, 1 of them has like a bus stop roof so if it’s raining you can sit in there out of the rain.  2 of them have no cover and those 3 are all in like a half circle (see my bike cam video at the end).  Then the 4th bench is separate from that little half circle, more like across the “street” hehe.

Anyway, so I’m riding the bike path last week (as I said lol) and I go to the stop and it’s dark because the sun hasn’t come up and I see this darkness over by one of the benches.  So I don’t go around the half circle and sit in the middle like I normally would, instead I just pull in on the other side and sit on the bench at the end.  I look over and see a face staring at me.  It’s a homeless guy in a sleeping bag next to the bench but on the ground.  I sat there for my 10-15 minute break and then leave.

Next day he’s not there and then the next time I go there he isn’t there but the sun has already come up and it was the day after Michael Jackson had passed away.  So I go sit down on the bench and as I’m taking off my helmet I can see in my helmet mirror this guy all of a sudden standing like 15 feet away from me, staring at me.  This kinda freaks me out because he wasn’t there when I stopped and when I sat down, almost as if he teleported there lol.

He slowly creeps towards me and is now in front of me and I know that he’s the guy sleeping in the sleeping bag over by the bench and I’m not quite sure I trust him.  He has this scar on his neck from having his throat slashed.  I’m not sure what that was all about but I’m going to give him the benefit of a doubt.  He comes up to me and starts talking about Michael Jackson and I sat there talking to him about all the recent deaths and about how MJ is getting all the attention while Caradine, McMahon and Fawcett get no attention.

So anyway, after about 10-15 minutes I’m ready to go so I said well breaks over and start getting my gear back on, camelbak, gloves, skull cap, helmet, earbud’s and I look in my helmet mirror and he’s back where he was when I first spotted him.  Standing 15 feet away from me, arms folded, staring at me.

The last 2 days (yesterday and today) I could see him in his sleeping bag, I’m leaving really early and so I get there before the sun even has a chance to come up.  But I’ve decided I’m not going to take any chances.  Instead of stopping there and sitting down I’m just gonna go through that tunnel and go about maybe 1/4 of a mile away and rest there.  I’m having to rest standing up now which kinda bites but that’s fine, I’d rather have to stand then worry about having my throat slashed.

Now, as I said above about being homeless, I know what it’s like and not everyone should be judged based on their scars and I don’t want to judge “the content of his character” as Martin Luther King Jr. would say but at the same time I really don’t know this guy and I’m not taking any chances.

Todays Work

OMG What a day this has been. Ok so right after I blogged this morning saying what I was going to do I got up and got dressed and got my bus pass and went to the bus stop and as I’m walking towards it the bus going the opposite direction passes me which means the bus I needed to catch already left. The bus I needed always comes before the bus across the street. I look down the street and see it way past the grocery store. All I see is the back of the bus. So I figure I could either sit here for 20 minutes and wait or I can go back home and get on my bike and ride there.

So I rode the bike to the mall. I get to the Sears Key booth which is like a little building a little bigger than an outhouse lol. I hand the lady the keys and say I need 2 copies of each. I wasn’t paying any attention to what she was doing. I pay, she hands me the bag with keys and I get on my bike and head home. On the way home something hits me. The price is like $2.59 for a key (yeah I know, when did that happen?) and she said they had a special buy 3 keys get the 4th free. So I’m thinking great, I’m getting 8 keys done so 2 of them are free. But when she charged me it was like $10 something. I didn’t think anything about it because I’m just happy the price isn’t really high. But as I’m on my way home I think about it a little more and realize that 3 keys would be $7.77 right? I also bought these 2 .50 cent keychains to put the sets of keys on. So I pull over and look in the bag, there are a total of 4 keys in the bag.

CRAP! I gotta go back there. Luckily I hadn’t gotten too far away from the mall so I went back. I got back to the Sears Key outhouse and I have to wait in line because there are now 2 people standing there. I finally get up there and tell her “I said I needed 2 copies for ALL of the keys on this keychain and you only made 2 copies of only 2 of they keys. I need then ALL copied”. She apologizes but of course I get no discount. Whatever. Total I paid about $18 for keys OMG! Good thing 2 of them were free.

So I get back home and by the way that counts as exercise lol. So anyway hehe. I get back home and start right in on my “chores” for the day. I clean the patio which took maybe an hour, maybe 2. I also hose the back yard too because it was dusty. Oh and I opened the side gate and the neighbor used his blowy gardening thing to blow all of our leaves in OUR yard over into a pile. I guess I can appreciate that because I just have to shovel it in to the green can but on the other hand who asked him to do that? When he did that most of the dust and dirt got in my back yard. UGH!

So I’m done with the patio and the back yard. So I go to the garage and start moving boxes in there to make some room for the boxes from the shed. It doesn’t take very long, I had to sweep the inside of the garage first. So then I put the lawn mower and the pressure washer inside the patio so nobody would steal them in the driveway. I then start carrying boxes with the dolly from the shed to the garage. What back breaking work that is especially with all the crap we have. Plus my dolly had 1 flat tire. Just a bike pump doesn’t work, you have to use compressed air to put air in a dolly tire, well at least ours anyway. There is no inner tube, it’s just a tire so the compressed air forces the tire against the metal wheel. But if you hit a bump the air comes out and you are left with a gimp wheel lol.

So I get most of the boxes into the garage and 3pm is coming so I decided to take a 1 hour break to watch Stargate SG-1 and to rest my breaking back and painful heels. When that ended I felt better enough that I could continue for a little while longer. I go back to work and I quit for the day at 5pm so I only had 1 more hour in me. But the good news is that I got about 90% of the shed into the garage. Unfortunately now there is absolutely no room in the garage now lol. That means we gotta really go through our junk and get ride of most of it. Use it, sell it, trash it, maybe burn it lol.

At least I made an easy path to the Christmas tree and the Christmas decorations boxes. Which remind me, I found 2 more Christmas boxes so this year we will have even more crap on the tree lol.

My back and my heels and legs are in SOOOOOOO much pain right now. I need to get to bed. Later.