Nook Replacement

I picked up my Nook on July 1st to load up a new e-book to read and was a bit confused when I noticed what looked like a little bug icon on the screen.  When I turned it on it started doing a system update so I thought that maybe that wasn’t a bug but an asterisk (*) but when the update completed, the symbol was still there.  Then I thought, maybe I have a virus and for some odd reason its showing me a bug icon (LOL).  I haven’t been online with it besides going to the Nook store.  How could I get a virus?

I looked at it in the light and turn it so I can see the screen and I see a little dot on the outside.  What I think happened is that something fell on the screen and that little black bug like image is e-ink from the tiny crack in the screen.  I don’t remember anything falling on it.  I usually have it sitting upright and not laying down on the desk so I don’t know when that happened.  I did have it laying down a few times but it’s not always laying down.

So I called Barnes & Noble and they have me do some troubleshooting.  She has me turn it off then hold the button for 20 seconds 6 times (twice).  Nothing happens because it’s not a software error, it’s a crack on the screen.  I told her that and I guess they have to troubleshoot just to make sure.

Thank goodness I have a warranty to cover this because if I didn’t I’d be stuck with this forever.  She told me that since it is covered on my warranty I’ll get a replacement and it will only take 3 days to get to me.  But before they send a replacement to me they have to take my credit card number so that if they don’t get my Nook within 14 days they can charge my credit card for the replacement.

That was July 1st which was a Friday.  They didn’t actually ship the Nook until July 5th and I’m supposed to get it today, July 8th.  So there is 1 week, I have 1 more week to get my Nook to them.

I had to unregister my Nook and remove everything I put on it like screen saver and wallpaper images and ebooks.  While I was at it I deleted my contacts (which I never did anything with) and all of my shelves.  It’s all ready to go.  It’s basically all in the box waiting to go out.

My replacement Nook finally arrived today and it wasn’t a refurbished one, it’s brand spanking new.  Wow, that was surprising.  I thought for sure it would have a few scratches on the case or there would be some blemish but it’s shiny and new.  It even smells like it just came off the production line.

I waited until now to call UPS to pick it up because I was under the impression that UPS was going to be delivering it.  They sent me a UPS tracking number to track it and it said it was in Bakersfield yesterday.  I figured, I could open the box, take the Nook out and replace it with my Nook, tape the label on it and give it back to the UPS driver to ship out.  But instead, UPS handed it over to the post office to deliver to me today.  So, that went out the window.  I had to call UPS today and they charged me $8.16 on my debit card to pick up despite the UPS label that Barnes & Noble emailed me to print with its own tracking number.  I thought for sure they were paying for the shipping.  Oh well.

I scheduled the pick up with UPS and they are going to come get it on Monday.  The cut off date is Thursday, that will be my 14th day so if they don’t get it by Thursday then I may see a charge on my checking account.  But I’m sure once they get it, they will remove the charge so I’m not worried in the least.

I am very satisfied with my Nook and with the way they handled my situation.  I highly recommend anyone interested in buying an eBook to get theirs from Barnes & Noble.  It doesn’t matter which Nook you buy, know that if anything happens, even the slightest problem, if you have bought a warranty with them you will get a new Nook.

So now I get the fun task of hooking this new Nook up to my computer with the USB cable so I can put my books back in there and my screen saver to match my skin.  Fun times…

Home Laser Hair Removal


Are you tired of shaving and don’t want to have to pay the high price of getting laser hair removal?  Then why not pay $549 for a product that you can use in the privacy of your own home.  Holy shit dude!  $549?

The Silk’n Store International™ sells this product through their website as I said for $549.  This thing uses a lamp that only lasts for 750 flashes then you have to replace the bulb.  It comes with 2 lamps or you can pay the same price for 4 lamps (it’s on sale).  They sell extra lamps for $55 per lamp.  You can buy 1 lamp or you can buy 3 or more and just pay $55 for each.

They say it takes about 3 months to notice that the hair is permanently gone which is a bit of time to see results I guess but as long as you keep using it then you should be ok.

It says you can use this on your underarms, legs, bikini line etc.  What exactly is the etc part?  Can you use this on your face?  I for one would love to never have to shave my face again.  Men can use this on their chest (as the picture on the MySpace ad shows) but I wonder where else men can use this.  Could you use this on your balls?  No seriously, I’m not trying to be gross.  I wonder if it’s safe for your balls and maybe even your crack too.  I for one can’t stand the gross unnecessary hair on my ass lol.  Why do I need hair there?  When I go to the bathroom… ok this is starting to become too much information.

Anyway, I think that if you have $550 to spend on this product with 4 lamps go for it.  After 3 months are up and you have no more hair to laser off then you can sell it on eBay to get your money back or at least half of your money back.  When you sell it on eBay you are gonna have to buy some lamps to sell along with it because you can’t just sell it with no lamps.  That wouldn’t be right.

Too Hot

Well, I’ve decided that I’m going to wait until tomorrow to ride the bike.  I took yesterday off because it was Chips day off but now the weather is getting too hot for me to even want to go riding.  I just don’t feel like it anymore.

This is my issue, if it’s too cold I don’t want to go, if it’s too hot I don’t want to go.  Well, in Bakersfield it’s only normal for a month before summer then a month after the heat dies down before winter.  So I don’t have that many options.

This is what I’m thinking.  Since it’s getting hot outside but it’s cooler in the morning then I’m going to start going out at the same time that Darrin leaves for work.  So I’m going to get up at 8am and have something to eat then at 8:30am when he leaves I will leave too.  I know that I’ve said that before and then it never happened but this is how I’m going to do it starting tomorrow.

I really need this exercise and I don’t want to suffer in the process because of the heat.  I don’t think it’s that healthy to exercise when it’s 100+ outside.  That’s why the gym has the A/C going.

When summer does come though I’m going to have to make a real effort to get up earlier in the morning, like at the crack of dawn to leave the house and get it over with.  There is no way that I’m going to be out when it’s 110-120 outside.  No way.

Actually getting out there early in the morning is probably a very good idea no matter what the temperature is.  I’ve heard from trainers that it’s better to do your work out before you go to work early in the morning.  So, perhaps getting out there early is a smart move.  Maybe this will help me lose weight easier.

Tomorrows Goal

Tomorrow morning I’m not going to wake up to an alarm clock telling me that I have to get up at the butt crack of dawn to go bike riding.  Instead I’m just going to wake up when I wake up then I’m going to have something to eat, maybe a bowl of corn flakes, then wait a little while maybe an hour, they say to eat 1 hour before exercising.  I wouldn’t want to give myself a cramp.  Then I’m going to do some stretches for my legs and then get on my bike and go to Beach Park.  This time I have a goal to get there and then collapse onto the grass and rest while listening to my music for a bit, maybe call Darrin and tell him I made it.  Give my legs enough time to rest so I can make it all the way back home.

I think this is a good strategy.  See the reason I haven’t made it all the way there yet is because I kinda figured I’d get there then immediately go home without stopping and it was just too much for my legs.  But all I have to do is think about it in a different way and then I can do it.  I need to do this.  Then I can say hey I made it all the way to beach park and I collapsed on the grass and gave my legs enough time to rest before getting up, I looked at how pretty it is and I looked at the bike path but I will save the bike path for another time.  Yeah, that’s what I’ll say.

The one thing I need is encouragement to do it.  Well, on that note I think I shall go to bed and rest up for tomorrow.  This is good because it’s only 11:12pm and not 2am lol.

Elton John Concert Part 2

We just came home from the concert and it was so good. We were in the wrong seats and this rude crack head came up to us and said “you’re in my seat get up now”. I knew we were in the wrong seats but that’s where the usher told us to sit. She looked at our tickets but apparently someone was in our seats so we had no where else to sit.

So we got up and I said you don’t have to be so rude about it then we went to the usher again and told her that we were asked very rudely to get up, where are our seats again? She shined the light on the seats that were apparently ours and so we sat down. They were much better seats anyway, the seats we were in before, the wrong ones, we couldn’t see the screen and since all we could see was the back of Elton’s head, the screen was so nice to watch. We were glad she asked us so eloquently to get up.

But it was fun, we had such a good time. I got so buzzed from the 3 beers I had but the giant pretzel soaked up most of it so I was ok to back seat drive on the way home. I’m glad we went. Darrin has never been to a Elton John concert in his life so good for him that we went.