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We all love our animals, and we only want the best for them, but it’s quite expensive, isn’t it? Yes, I know from experience. I went to the pet store when we got our dog Flower, and it was way too expensive. That’s why if I can find a coupon, or if I see a good deal, I’m going to take whatever I can get to save some money.

Click the image above to go to and sign up and check out what they have to offer, and check out their Facebook page too.


I don’t know if it’s allergies or if i’m coming down with a cold but I’ve been sneezing all day long, my nose is so stuffed up and it itches. I’m not feeling like I have a cold, you know that feeling where your skin hurts and you are groggy and just don’t feel like getting out of bed.

I think it might be allergies instead. I think it’s the dog because ever since we got her I’ve been sniffling more than normal and blowing my nose a lot and sneezing. I think it’s her. I’ve taken 4 claritins today and I’ve used doctor prescribed nasal spray and that’s not even working at all. I refuse to use 4-way nasal spray because I become addicted with that stuff and there is no end to it.

I wouldn’t say addicted, I would say that it helps at first and then you are using it more and more because it works for so long and then every time it works less time and you use more and it just goes on and on until you are on it for 6 months and you can’t stop because if you stop then you can’t ever breathe unless you use it. And when you do decide enough is enough you have to suffer for days until you can breathe normally again. No thank you. I will just cut out the middle man and suffer now rather than wait 6 months.


Well, it’s day 2 of having this very hyper/needy dog. Her name was Taco but we don’t want to keep that name and we can’t think of a good name to give her. Darrin called his aunt Lavaugn (sp?) up yesterday and told her that he is naming her Lavaugn which made her giggle but he has since changed his mind and can’t think of a name for her. It’s not quite the name for a mexican dog hehe. In the meantime I’m calling her TBD. That’s “To Be Determined” hehe.