Elton John Concert

We are going to see Elton John in concert tonight. Darrin is so excited. I like Elton John but I really don’t know the lyrics to any of his songs except for Don’t let the sun go down on me and only because George Michael sang that song with Elton John. But I do enjoy his singing and I can’t wait to see him.

Elton John Concert Part 2

We just came home from the concert and it was so good. We were in the wrong seats and this rude crack head came up to us and said “you’re in my seat get up now”. I knew we were in the wrong seats but that’s where the usher told us to sit. She looked at our tickets but apparently someone was in our seats so we had no where else to sit.

So we got up and I said you don’t have to be so rude about it then we went to the usher again and told her that we were asked very rudely to get up, where are our seats again? She shined the light on the seats that were apparently ours and so we sat down. They were much better seats anyway, the seats we were in before, the wrong ones, we couldn’t see the screen and since all we could see was the back of Elton’s head, the screen was so nice to watch. We were glad she asked us so eloquently to get up.

But it was fun, we had such a good time. I got so buzzed from the 3 beers I had but the giant pretzel soaked up most of it so I was ok to back seat drive on the way home. I’m glad we went. Darrin has never been to a Elton John concert in his life so good for him that we went.