Why does Target want my social security number to help me save 5%?

target logo

So I finally got a new rim and tire for my bicycle so I can start riding my bike again, but I didn’t get a tube, so we went to Target.  The new tubes were only $4.99 each and I bought 2.  At the check stand, the checker asked me if I was saving 5% with them and I said no and she asked me if I wanted to apply, it’s free, so I said eh, why not.  Naturally she had to void everything and start all over.  She asked for my ID and she asked me to tap something on the screen that you pay with a credit card on, then she asked me to type my social security number.  RED FLAG!  No, nope, nuh uh, no way, forget it, not gonna happen Baby Jane Hudson.

Why does Target need my social security number to help me save 5%?  It makes absolutely no sense.  I can see if I were applying for a credit card or if I were applying for a job, but she said it’s a rewards card, not a credit card.

She had to cancel it all out again and start over.  I paid for the 2 tubes and a bottle of soda and we left, grumbling about it all the way to the door and out to the car lol.

I just don’t understand why Target needs my social security number for that.  I had a rewards card with Albertson’s and all they asked me for was my home address, phone number and email address.  No problem.  I don’t mind giving out that information, but when it comes to my social security number I become suspicious.  Where is my tin foil hat?

I love Target, I really do.  I was upset when I couldn’t shop there because they had donated money to an anti-gay politician and was thrilled beyond belief when I could shop there again.  I was thrilled when they started carrying LGBT t-shirts and had a gay wedding registry.  I have always loved Target since I was 16, but this is just going too far.

So no Target, you can’t have my social security number to help me save a measly 5% on my future purchases.  Perhaps someone can explain to me why they need that.  I would love an explanation.


I sent an email to Kodak the day before yesterday and yesterday I got an email back from them asking for the serial number and the model number etc as well as my home address and phone number. I did the tests they asked me to do and it really pissed me off that all those tests sucked up an entire cartridge of color and black ink. That’s $22 of ink that is gone now.

Thankfully they are sending me a new print head because they think mine is defective but I wont be able to test out the new print head with no ink so hopefully they will send me new ink cartridges. I told them that it sucked up all my ink and so I have no more ink.

I will cross my fingers that they send me ink too and not just the print head. They are sending me an envelope to send them the defective print head as well and I will include the ink cartridges as well to show them that it’s brand new ink and it’s all gone. If they didn’t send me ink with the new print heads then perhaps sending them the empty ink cartridges will make them see that I was telling the truth and they will send me more ink.