I sent an email to Kodak the day before yesterday and yesterday I got an email back from them asking for the serial number and the model number etc as well as my home address and phone number. I did the tests they asked me to do and it really pissed me off that all those tests sucked up an entire cartridge of color and black ink. That’s $22 of ink that is gone now.

Thankfully they are sending me a new print head because they think mine is defective but I wont be able to test out the new print head with no ink so hopefully they will send me new ink cartridges. I told them that it sucked up all my ink and so I have no more ink.

I will cross my fingers that they send me ink too and not just the print head. They are sending me an envelope to send them the defective print head as well and I will include the ink cartridges as well to show them that it’s brand new ink and it’s all gone. If they didn’t send me ink with the new print heads then perhaps sending them the empty ink cartridges will make them see that I was telling the truth and they will send me more ink.

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