Hedwig’s Theme For Old Cell Phones

This is more of a note for me.  I recently bought a new Nokia 3390 (actually used) cell phone to replace my old cell phone and since my old one had this ringtone and the new one doesn’t I had to search for the ringtone for the composer.  This is the ringtone that I had to enter into the composer:

Harry Potter Hedwig’s Theme:

Tempo=125:8.c2, 16#d2, 8d2, 4c2, 8g2, 4.f2, 4.d2, 8.c2, 16#d2, 8d2, 4b1, 8#c2, 4g1, 4-, 8g1, 8.c2, 16#d2, 8d2, 4c2, 8g2, 4#a2, 8a2, 4#g2, 8e2, 8.#g2, 16g2, 4#f2, 8-, 8#d2, 4.c2, 4-, 8g1

Just in case I need to find that website again or if I want to use another ringtone here is the link:


Update: Ok this sucks major big time.  The website I got this from is gone.  But, for me it doesn’t matter because I’m probably going to be upgrading my cell phone soon anyway.  Most people don’t have these old cell phones anymore because they all have iPhones or blackberries or whatever the latest cellphone is.  So, it’s all good.  At least I was able to paste the song into here for future reference.

Dell DJ Battery a No Go

Well, I got an email from that website about their Dell DJ battery and the one they sell is definitely for Gen 1 DJ’s and that will not work on a Gen 2 DJ.  They said that people have bought it in the past and found it did not work and had to return it and pay a restocking fee.  This sucks.

They told me to go to 2 websites pdaparts.com or pdasmart.com.  The first website didn’t have anything for Dell.  They had lots of batteries that looked like mine but they were specifically for iPods.  The 2nd website has a battery but it doesn’t specific generations.  It just says “DELL Digital Jukebox, DELL Digital Jukebox DJ, DELL Digital Jukebox Series”.  I emailed them asking if it will work on a 2nd Gen so I have to wait for their email.

The thing that really  bites here is that the battery from this other site batteryship.com is that they were only charging $25 for a battery plus shipping which was like $7.50 or something and it would’ve been more economical to buy 2 because they offer a 10% discount for the purchase of 2 or more.  So because their battery won’t work for me I have to go to pdasmart.com and that battery is a whopping $48.

It just occurred to me to check via part number and came up with 1 thing on eBay.  Someone is selling the exact battery I need and the starting bid is .99 cents and there are no bids.  I’m tempted to bid $30.  The auction ends the day before I get my check.  The only thing is if I buy it on eBay I have no warranty and no guarantee that it will actually work and not die within a couple of months.


Sci Fi channel has come out with a new website for gamers.  They seem to cover every platform, genre and every thing related to gaming.


I try to look at everything for the PSP.  I just want to read everything I can about new updates and the future of the PlayStation Portable such as new features like when they added Skype and Internet radio.  This website doesn’t seem to have anything after July 2008 and right now it’s near the end of September.  I don’t really see this being a major source of news for me for the PSP right now but it is nice to have another source of news for the game system I love.

Hamburger Helper

We haven’t had Hamburger Helper in a very long time.  Tonight we went to Albertson’s and they had Hamburger Helper in the 10 for $10 display just when you walk in the front door.

I personally love hamburger helper.  My mom used to make that all the time when I was a kid.  My aunt Betty used to make her own version of it by making regular macaroni and cheese (not Kraft but elbow macaroni and velveeta or something) then just adding hamburger meat to it.  OMG it was so good, I really miss that.

Dell DJ Battery

Well today I finally got the balls to open up my Dell DJ to take the battery out so I can measure it in MM.  The battery that I found to buy is 50mmx85mmx2mm.  Well, my battery is 50mmx95mmx2mm so it’s actually longer than the one for sale which is fine.  This just means it will fit with some wiggle room hehe.  It couldn’t be more perfect.


Tonight was the season finale of Eureka but they kept saying mid-season finale.  This show is only a summer show so I’m a bit confused why they keep saying mid-season.  I much prefer it being a summer show because then it doesn’t interfere with my other shows.  Scheduling I mean.

I like Francis Fisher and I was surprised when they put her on Eureka but I wasn’t too happy with her character because she was so mean to everyone.  But near the end of the finale I finally got to see who she really is and why she has acted the way she has (the character hehe).

I was surprised that Nathan didn’t get discovered working at a diner as the cook not knowing who he was hehe.  I didn’t think they would really kill him off.  But nothing about him except for the fact that he did leave behind a part of him since Allison is pregnant with his baby.

And then the shocker of the night at the very end, Sheriff Carter is fired.  You can’t have Eureka without Sheriff Jack Carter.  I mean I guess you could but he’s kinda the lead character.  It all started with him moving to Eureka and the show centers around him and his daughter Zoe.  Well, I guess I have a whole year to wait to see what happens next hehe.

Lego Batman

Lego Batman finally came to Game Stop yesterday and was sold today.  I pre-ordered it on May 1st this year and it was supposed to be available on September 2nd but they pushed it back to September 23rd for some reason.  That’s ok. it’s cool.  I got it now.  Although it was kinda depressing that I got it on Chips birthday because I feel that I got a present on his birthday.  Not fair right?  He should be getting the present not me.

Oh well, if you read my previous post he will be getting another present soon.