No More Plastic Grocery Bags

I’ve been hearing this thing on the news about how the government is going to make retailers charge customers .25 cents per plastic grocery bag.  That’s why I bought all those reusable cloth bags from Albertson’s when they first started selling them for $1 per bag.  Whenever you go to the store with those bags they give you a .05 cent refund per bag so if you bring 3 bags you get .15 cents off on your bill.  It’s an incentive to use those cloth bags and eventually the bags pay for themselves.  Sometimes they have a sale like if you buy 4 bottles of the 1 liter bottles of Lipton tea you get a cloth bag for free.

I tell you that so I can tell you this.  We bring our cloth bags to the store so we have totally run out of plastic grocery bags which is what I normally use to scoop cat litter into then I put those bags into the 5 lb. buckets that the litter come in (empty buckets of course).  But since I have no more bags I have to just scoop the litter directly into the bucket then to keep the smell down to a minimum I put the lid on it.

Well, you know what happens when there are wet items left inside a closed container don’t you?  Condensation happens.  The lid of the bucket has sweat all over it.  Cat urine and feces sweat.  What happens when you open the lid?  The juices fall due to gravity.  Normally when that happens the juices fall to the ground but if your foot is right next to it and you don’t have shoes on because you are about ready to go to bed and this is the last thing you do before you go to bed, it falls on your foot.

Well, that happened to me tonight.  Cat urine and feces juice all over my foot.  I couldn’t do anything about it because I figured I might as well just scoop the litter and get it done fast so I can run to the shower.  I didn’t want to shower then scoop cause then I’d have to wash my hands all over again so I just did my duty then ran to the bathroom.

Thank you Al Gore for bitching and complaining about global warming.  See what you did to me?