My Birth Father

On my 15th birthday my mother decided that it was time for me to know that my step dad wasn’t really my real father.  I basically knew but I let her tell me whatever she was going to tell me.

She gave me this elaborate story about how he left her when I was a month old to go to Germany in the Air Force and he never returned and she made him out to be this bad guy.

What she didn’t tell me was that he was married to another woman and had an affair with my mother and she got pregnant but he broke off the relationship with her because he loved his wife and she never told him that she was pregnant so he didn’t even know.  However she stayed in contact with his mother, my grand mother, for years afterwards.

My mom has shown me pictures of her when I was a little kid and just told me that she was a friend of hers.  When she told me the truth she told me that this woman was my grand mother.  When I had my tonsils out around I think age 3 or 4, I forgot when, she bought me a Mrs. Beasley doll from the show Family Affair and my sister was so jealous because she wanted it.  I didn’t know who gave it to me, I just knew it was given to me.

I would definitely love to find my birth father and have some kind of relationship with him because I have this huge hole in my heart that I would love to fill.  His name is Ron or Ronald Shirtliff.  I am not quite sure about the spelling of the last name but that is what my Aunt Betty has told me.  I have found that name a few times and contacted all of them and of course none of them agreed that they knew my mother so without a social security number I can’t get any information to find him.

I’m hoping that his name will be on search engines and if he or his family members decide to do a search for him they will find my blogs and posts on message boards and contact me.  Please, if you can help me reply with a comment in this blog or go to and click the email form and email me.  I don’t have any motives, I don’t care about the affair, none of that matters.  All that matters is that I find my birth father.

Eureka Sponsors

I love the show Eureka and I love Degree deodorant and I really don’t mind seeing a show with advertising inside it but I think the way they advertise Degree in this show is too much.  Product placement is fine but it’s like they are trying too hard.  The new lady on the show from Titanic, Francis something or other, she just spews out all these slogans that you hear on the commercials.  I don’t want to hear that.  Those lines should be reserved for the actual commercials, not tv shows.

The episode when Jack is in the shower and he keeps going back to the shower and living the same day over and over and he takes the Degree out of the medicine cabinet and places it on the sink was ok, still pushing it because it would be one thing if he grabbed it and used it then put it back but there really is no reason for them to put focus on him putting it on the sink over and over again.  I mean how far could it have been from where it originally was?  12 inches?

Oh and they have a special lab with the Degree label on everyone’s jackets and degree sticks sitting on the counter in the lab.  Come on, that’s a bit much.

250 Posts

I finally finished archiving all my old blogs from July 2007 until now.  It took me many hours a day but I finally did it.  Although the 250 includes all the posts I made since I got this new blog system with WordPress.  It doesn’t include this post either lol.

I sent out emails to friends telling them about this and so far 1 person has told me that she saw it and commented that I blog a lot.  That was when I had 150 posts too so I’ve added a lot more since then hehe.  Yeah, I do have a lot of blogs because I have a lot to say.  That is, when it’s just me and my keyboard.  When I am in a room with other people I’m usually speechless.  People say I’m too quiet but just give me a keyboard and I got a lot more to say.

Hometown Buffet

On Sunday when Darrin got out of church we went to HomeTown Buffet and had “dinner” (they don’t have lunch on Sundays, only breakfast and dinner) and when we were standing in line I noticed they have a club.  If you go to you can sign up and get coupons.  You get a coupon for a free meal (with the purchase of a meal) just for signing up.

Since it’s almost Chips birthday he got 2 coupons.  1 for signing up and 1 for his birthday so we got 3 coupons in total because I signed up too.  I love HomeTown Buffet because their food is so good.  All 3 of our coupons expire on 10/1/08 so we have 2 weeks.  His birthday coupon obviously we’re gonna use on his birthday.

MySpace Friends

I am so happy that I have some pretty good people on there.  Of course I have my friends and family.  But… I also have some entertainers.

First I got Steve Hofstetter.  Actually, HE is the one who sent the invite to me.  I thought that was so awesome that he chose me out of so many people in Bakersfield.  And it was because I am in Bakersfield that he chose me because he is from Bakersfield.

Sid and Marty Krofft which are the creaters of Krofft Super Stars from the 1970’s.  I loved that show especially HR Puff N Stuff.  What does that mean?  Puff N Stuff?  Is that a pot reference?  Witchiepoo was my favorite lol.

There have been some rock bands who have sent me invites and I accepted but I don’t see them any more.  I tried to get Green Day but they never accepted.

Sean P Hayes from Will and Grace.  OMFG when he accepted I was so excited.  If you aren’t sure who that it, that’s Just Jack!  I have a character on EverQuest named Justjack who is a level 25 enchanter lol.  I also have a character named Annistasia but no last name because you have to be level 20 for that and she is level 16.  I wanted her name to be Annistasia Beaverhousen but I was sure that Sony wouldn’t approve that last name so I never tried to get to level 20.

Kathy Griffin.  OH MY GOD!  She is a gay mans wet dream to have as a friend.  It is so awesome that she accepted.

Dan from Big Brother 10.  I waited to start sending invites to the BB10 house guests because I wasn’t sure if their families would be accepting friends or not so I waited.

Although, Brian, Steven and Angie have been at home all this time so I could’ve gotten them way back when.  I waited and did the invites and still waiting for the rest.  I’m still waiting for Memphis, Keesha, Steven, Angie and Brian.  I didn’t see a MySpace page for Renny.  I would’ve loved to have had her on my MySpace friends list.