Dell DJ Battery Replacement

Darrin bought me a Dell DJ for Christmas 2004 and during 2005 I was listening to it all the time everyday, on the way to the gym or sitting at my desk or even while doing the dishes.  I was always listening to it.  But over time the battery would die sooner than it was supposed to.  Sometimes it would even freeze up and I had to just wait for it to start playing again.  I couldn’t turn it off or do anything.  I just had to wait for it.

The battery is supposed to last like 5 or 6 hours or something and over time the amount of time it actually played kept going down until eventually it only played for half hour.  Now when I unplug it, it just dies immediately and gives me a screen saying the battery is low.

I’ve treated that Dell DJ like a baby by never dropping it or losing it.  I’m a good nerd, I respect my electronics enough that I don’t get them broken or stolen.

I’ve called Dell that first year when the battery started dying and they wouldn’t help me even with my warranty.  I was too late in renewing my warranty and so when I called for help they said sorry you don’t have the right warranty for this.  I was like dude, I have a $318 paper weight now.  Thanks a lot.  They were like I know, I can understand how frustrating you are but we can’t help you.  I was like well can I just buy a new battery and ship it to you to replace it and they said yeah for like $75 or something like that.  I’ve never had the money to do that.

Every once in a while I do a search on the net for Dell DJ Batteries and I found a website that has them for $24.95 + shipping and it has the tools to do it yourself.  It says it takes a few min but a testimonial says 10 min.  I don’t care, I just want a new battery and $25 is not a bad deal.  I will have to wait until I get some money because I’m tapped lol.

Great Minds Think Alike

Darrin and I have been together for 14 years.  We are psychically linked to each other for some reason.  Mostly I will be thinking something and he will just blurt it out and there has only been 1 time when I said something that he was thinking.  It’s usually him reading my mind.

Like for example a half hour ago I was going to change all the music on my playlist on MySpace and I knew I wanted Gavin DeGraw’s Chariot album so I grabbed my Dell DJ Mp3 player to look up that album so I can put all the songs in my playlist and he asked what I was doing so I told him and he said Gavin DeGraw.  OMG HELLO!  How did he know I was going to put Gavin DeGraw on there?

I tell you it is so spooky that he says what I’m thinking all the time.  The one time I said what he was thinking was a couple of weeks ago when I was sick.  I handed him my debit card and said call Pizza Hut, I don’t feel like cooking anything and he said OMG I was just thinking that.  LOL.  It’s like that all the time here.