Smallville and Supernatural…

Smallville came on and I was shocked to see that Clark had lost his powers but near the end of the episode he finally got them back but the “martian” lost his by helping Clark get them back.  He works at The Daily Planet now and there was talk of a costume so hopefully he will get his costume soon.

Supernatural began and they showed Dean in hell then next thing he’s in a coffin and digging his way out like a vampire would.  I was way off in my last blog about Sam casting a spell or whatever.  I thought maybe he had made a deal similar to the deal Dean made to get Sam back but he didn’t.  It looks like he has friends in high places lol.  Really high.  Like heaven, that high.  God commanded an angel to pull him out of hell because Sam and Dean are needed to be alive.  So, why didn’t dad get a reprieve?  We will see next week as per the advertisement about how people are coming back.


September 22nd 2008 is the season premiere of Heroes on NBC.  From 8-9pm is going to be a countdown where the cast and crew talk about the show then from 9-11pm is the season premiere episode.  I read at that it is going to be 2 hours but from 8-10 and that really pisses me off that they said that because if I had to go somewhere for whatever reason I would’ve set my dvd recorder to record from 8-10 instead of 8-11 then I would’ve missed the last hour of the show.

Ok, maybe I’m blowing it out of proportion because if I do miss a show I’m just gonna go to hulu to rewatch it.  I’m just sayin’.  Don’t give people the wrong info ya know?  Especially die hard fans lol.

If it weren’t for my friend Sue I would’ve never known.

Well Fed Dog

We have a toy Chihuahua named Flower and this little dogs stomach is about the size of a walnut.  Maybe smaller.  Well, she is always so hungry and she acts like we starve her to death lol.  When I open the fridge door she runs in the kitchen so fast because she thinks she’s gonna get something.

I hate it when animals beg because they make you feel so bad for them.  I try to trick her by pretending I’m done eating then go lay down and watch tv but she’s smart.  She knows that the food is still on my desk and she stands by my desk and looks at me waiting for me to go give her some of it.  I can just see what she’s thinking….

“If you’re not gonna eat it, give it to me”.

Knight Rider

February 17th 2008 NBC Aired the new Knight Rider movie which was the teaser of the new tv show coming this fall.  Well, its fall and the new show airs next week on Wednesday 9/24/2008.  The link above is a sneak peek at the first episode and yes it is the full episode not just a commercial.

Since I have another show on tv, Pushing Daisies, I will have to watch Knight Rider at each week.  Which is no problem I guess since the show is widescreen and my tv isn’t but my computer monitor is so at least I’ll be able to see the show in widescreen instead of 4:3.  So that’s awesome.  Maybe I should just skip tv altogether and just watch Hulu lol.  Nah.

Smallville and Supernatural

YAY the summer is finally over and now it’s time for all my shows to start coming back.  Tonight is Smallville and Supernatural.  I think this will be Smallville’s last season.  Clark Kent is getting a bit too old now to not become Superman yet.  I’m sure at the very end of this season he will wear the superman tights and cape and that will be the very end of Smallville.  It would be cool if they had a Superman spin-off so they don’t have to end the show, they can have another 8 years lol.  I doubt they would though.  I’m sure Tom Welling doesn’t want to be type cast for the rest of his life.

Supernatural should be good considering when last we saw him, Dean was in hell being stretched like Kenny McCormick was in South Park.  I don’t know if he was being stretched but he was just hanging around in hell lol.  Sam has to get him out but how?  I figure he either has to cast a spell to summon Dean so that he can just keep dean out of hell as much as he can then when he disappears he has to summon him again.  I don’t know.  Maybe he will have to kill that little girl and then dean comes back to earth.  I really don’t know how it works.  Oh wait when Daddy was taken to hell when Dean was in a coma, he was taken by that one demon but eventually Dean or Sam killed him with that gun that kills demons and dad wasn’t set free.

I guess I will just have to wait and see.  They will probably keep him in hell for a few episodes or maybe even half the season or who knows maybe the entire season until the season finale or something.  I love speculating what might happen hehe.