Ghost Hunters Halloween Live

This is the 3rd annual live episode of Ghost Hunters.  It’s a 7 hour investigation beginning at 7pm and ending at 2am.  The following Wednesday night episode will be a follow-up to show the results of all the EVP and videos from the cameras and the flir.

Tonight the team revisits Fort Delaware in Delaware City to probe the former Civil War post. Guests Amanda Tapping and Mike “The Miz” Mizanin join the hunt. Hosts: Josh Gates and Steve Valentine.

So far after the first 6 minutes they already starting having issues with production.  All of a sudden the screen went snowy bringing back old memories of before cable was invented and you had to fiddle with the “rabbit ears”.  Also when Josh Gates was talking to Amanda Tapping and The Miz you couldn’t hear them talking.  You could hear Josh but not the other 2.  You could hear a lot of Josh’s voice echoing though and hearing Amanda talking sounded like an EVP, you could barely understand what she was saying.  The only people who were able to get what she said were lip readers.

It took about 45 minutes before they actually started doing their investigation which is fine because they showed the tour of the property and they showed how they got there which looks like it must have cost a lot of money, like you could probably buy a decent house in a rich neighborhood for the amount of money that they spent.

Once they went in the camera started messing up and they had just started.  It kept freezing up.  They could have switched over to Steve just until they got it all squared away but they kept going hoping it would clear up which eventually it did.

I also noticed on the Flir that they are 13 minutes ahead of us which means someone set the clocks ahead.  Of course I’m on the west coast so they are 3 hours ahead so it isn’t live for me but still, they were 13 min ahead for the east coasters too.

The cameras are messing up again.  It just happens to Jay and Grant but I think it’s because of the walls of where they are walking through.  They are after all in the dungeons.  You can’t expect good quality video down there.

Edit:  Sci-Fi channel keeps popping up these ads at the bottom of the screen.  Now I realize they won’t be showing a lot of commercials like they normally would, 15 – 17 min of commercials per hour, but the pop up’s are starting to get annoying.  I mean, they could make them smaller.  They take up 1/4 of the screen at the bottom every few minutes.  It reminds me of pop up ads on the internet except I can’t click them off.

I’ve stayed up for the entire 7 hour investigation despite the fact that I woke up at 4am and couldn’t go back to sleep.  I am sooooo tired lol.  I made a pot of coffee about 2 hours ago and of course I ran out of equal and sugar so this is my last cup.  There is only 20 more minutes left of the show so I’m going to tape my eyelids open, I got the tooth picks on hold just in case lol.

So far all that has happened is a strong authoritative male voice telling Jay and Grant “You aren’t supposed to be here”.  That’s all that I’ve noticed so far.  Josh said there were some other sounds like footsteps and knocking but I didn’t hear it.  I can’t wait to see the episode on Wednesday that will reveal all the evidence they found.

Ghost Hunters Marathon

Wow there have been a couple of episodes that I have never seen today on Sci-Fi.  I’ve been watching the marathon since 8am and it’s almost 6pm, the last 2 episodes I haven’t seen before.  I was very impressed in some EVP’s from a hotel in Washington (episode called “Ghostly Conversation”).

There was a room that a princess always stayed in when she visited the hotel, she even brought her own bed with her every time she came and she died there so the bed stayed there too.  Jay and Grant were in the room asking questions and the Princess was responding right away.  Of course you can only hear her respond on the EVP, you couldn’t hear her in real-time.  That’s the bad thing about doing this is you can only hear them on digital tape and not for real.  It’s still really cool though.

I Voted!

Well I finally finished filling out my ballot today.  We are cutting it very close because we are a mail only district and in order for our ballots to count we have to send them in early enough but all those props were so confusing that I just couldn’t understand them.  Some of them I could understand like 1a, 2, 3 and 8.  All of those I was able to understand.  Also there were some offices that I had no clue who the people were because I haven’t seen any commercials for them.  They can’t expect me to vote for them if they don’t give me an idea who they are.  Actually, I have seen some commercials but they didn’t put a huge impact on me.  I don’t watch the local debates.

Anyway, finally finished it and it’s going in the mail today, hopefully they will get it tomorrow then it will be counted by Monday so that on Tuesday my vote will count.

Huge Anticipation

My body must have been very excited about Halloween today because I woke up at 1am but luckily was able to go back to sleep.  Then I woke up again at 4am but was not able to go back to sleep.  Around 5am I went to the ATM machine to get a $20 to give to the milk man.  I was lucky that Darrin insisted on going with me because when I went to the ATM a thug looking guy was walking towards me but when he saw Darrin he went in another direction.

At 6:20am I left to go to the grocery store to buy some coffee and some candy bars for the neighbors kids, they are 5 for $2.00 right now so that was a good deal.  I didn’t want to buy a big bag because I’m not going to pass out candy to the kids who don’t wear costumes and the kids who don’t even live in our neighborhood.  So I just bought 5 candy bars for our neighbors kids Devan, Dougie, Beth and Gracie and the 5th one will go to Karens nephew if he is with them, he’s been spending a lot of time there so maybe he will be trick or treating with them.

After I left Albertson’s I went over to McDonald’s and bought us some breakfast.  Sorry Sue, they didn’t have any Monopoly tickets lol.

8am came and Ghost Hunters finally came on and I’m going to watch that the entire day WOOHOO!

Biking is Easier

Riding the bike is getting a lot easier.  I rode the bike from my house to Oak and Palm before realizing I didn’t stop for water once so naturally I stopped for some water.  I got all the way to the park in 19 1/2 minutes this time which is I think 3 minutes faster.  Probably because I didn’t stop to take a water break so many times.

I also didn’t sit on the picnic table for that long either, on Monday I think I sat there for 20 minutes before heading back home and this time I think it was like 10 or 15 minutes.

When coming home I didn’t turn right on H st. going on 21st st.  Instead I went further down to Chester Ave. because H st. has no bike lane in downtown Bakersfield but Chester Ave. does.  I think it’s easier to ride in a bike lane than cause an accident, don’t you?

So, I went a further distance and it was only 40 minutes this time.  The last time it was 45 minutes and this time I went a further distance which tells me that 1 I’m going faster and 2 my legs are getting more used to riding that I don’t have to stop to take a break for them.

I can remember not too long ago that I could only ride up to California Ave. and back and that was like 12 minutes and when I came home I could barely walk because of the stiffness in my legs.  If I am able to go faster and further than that just means that I will start to lose weight a lot faster.  I can already see it in my face that the fat is starting to come off.

If I can just keep doing this 3 days a week it wont be long before I’m thinner.  Oh and I need to start following the SparkPeople food plan again if I’m going to be successful.  The food they have is low-calorie and very good for us especially for Darrin because he has borderline diabetes now so whatever I make for myself I can make for him too then before you know it he will be losing weight too (but just on food, he doesn’t want to exercise).

PlayStation Store Finished

Well Sony finally finished the PlayStation store for the PSP.  Instead of buying stuff on their website they gave everyone Media Manager for PSP 3.0.  I bought Media Manager for PSP 2.0 for $20 or $25, I forgot.  But I guess it’s ok because this is an upgrade and I don’t have to pay to upgrade it.

If you have a PSP you don’t need to use this to buy and download games.  All you do is just go online with the PSP and go to the PlayStation Store.  That is if you have WiFi access at home.  If you don’t then you don’t have any other choice than to use the Media Manager with a USB cable.  However if you want to buy/rent movies or tv shows you can only download them using the Media Manager.  They don’t offer this feature on the PSP.  I’ve been looking at it since the firmware update.

The only problem with this is that in order to buy a lot of the games or movies/tv shows you must have more than just 1GB memory stick.  They offer 16GB from San Disk now and they really aren’t that much money.  Some games and movies are more than just 1GB so you must have a 4GB, 8GB or 16GB memory stick for those.  The good news is that you can transfer games/movies/tv shows to your computer or maybe to a dvd-r and when you aren’t going to play the games or watch the movies etc you can just delete them from your memory stick so you can make room for other things.  Or if you have a disposable income just buy many memory sticks.

To Beach Park

Well, I finally made it to Beach Park today.  I feel so good about myself that I actually did it.  I also noticed that I’m riding a little faster because the time it took me to get there and back was a lot shorter than it took me to go less distance.

Ok so according to SparkPeople that is 5.4 miles total (to there and back, I mapped the directions out on google) and 720 calories.  The minimum amount of calories that I should burn in 1 day is 260, I mean for my diet plan, so I’ve exceeded that.  Which is totally awesome.

As I was riding the bike over the very high and very long bridge on Oak St. I was expecting that I wouldn’t make it because the one other time I tried going over I didn’t make it, I ended up having to stop and walk most of the way up.  But it wasn’t so difficult this time.  Also when I was coming home I was riding on H st. on the street under the bridge and what I did was I just peddled so fast as I was going down so that when I had to start coming up I didn’t have to pedal at all because I was already going so fast.

Anyway, my legs are swollen and painful so I’m gonna go lay down.