Todays Bike Ride

I did the same thing as yesterday.  I couldn’t go any further.  I was looking at the street signs this time and it was 7th street when my legs started straining.  I only live on 3rd so that’s only a few blocks lol.

Anyway, I brought my step counter this time because it has a stop watch on it and I did 14 minutes total.  And I was in the wrong gear by the way.  That’s why my legs are struggling to keep me standing up when I get up.  When I realized the lower gear was an asset I kept it.  So tomorrow morning when I go out the bike will be in the right gear and I won’t have to struggle to ride and maybe, just maybe, I can go further.


It’s 6:53am.  I woke up at 6am and have been waiting for the sun to come up before I go bike riding because my light doesn’t work right and it kinda broke actually.  And I don’t have a back light so I’m waiting for the sun before I go out.  The sun is coming up now though but I’m hesitant to go out because it’s 43 degrees outside.  CHILLY!!!  But, I realized I have thermal underwear.  I hope that keeps me warm hehe.

True Blood on HBO

True Blood was a nice addition to the vampire world.  However, I’m not sure I like the direction they are going.  Last week at the end of the episode I was just pissed off that they killed Sookie’s grandmother.  Her character gave the show real southern charm.  I thought she was a great character because even though she was an older woman she wasn’t prejudice against the vampires like all the other people her or near her age.  And her curiosity for vampires is what got her killed.

I still like the show, I’m just a little upset right now.  Every time I see something bad happen to a main character I think it’s a dream or a prediction but then they don’t wake up and it’s real.  I hope they don’t kill too many more main characters cause the cast is dwindling down very fast lol.