Jury Finds O.J. Simpson Guilty On All Charges

13 years ago today O.J. Simpson was acquitted of a double homicide in Brentwood, CA and now he is found guilty on all 12 charges in the gunpoint robbery of two sports memorabilia dealers in a Las Vegas casino hotel room more than a year ago.  You could see his friend and 2 women crying as they heard each charge read along with guilty.

Darrin says that each charge brings 5 years to life in prison and that’s 12 charges which means he will never see freedom again in his life.  He is 61 years old now so if he makes it to the age of 121 he might be able to get off on good behavior.  I doubt it though.

Bike Necessities

I just bought some things I really needed for my bike.  I’ve been wanting a new pump forever that is small enough that I can carry with me when riding but with a gauge.  I found a pump at www.nashbar.com.  The pump was $20 which is $10 less than Snider’s.

I also bought a frame bag ($10) while I was there to store the pump as well as the tools needed to change or repair a flat tire.  It’s also big enough to hold a tire tube just in case.  The bag is in the shape of a triangle so that it fits right inside the frame.