Christmas is Almost Here

Well I decided to get the Christmas tree from the shed and set it up.  I’m so excited that I can finally set it up.  The Christmas spirit has taken over my body hehe.

Here is a picture of our Christmas Tree from last year.  It’s the same tree, a pre-lit tree.  I took a picture of our cat with her Santa hat on and made it into wallpaper for my laptop and my desktop.  Since my laptop is 1024×768 and my desktop is 1280×768 I have 2 versions of it.  So if you want to download it just click the little version below then it goes full screen, just right-click it and save it to your computer.  The widescreen version isn’t actually 1280×768, it’s smaller but I have it stretched on my screen.

Toy Store Shooting

Yesterday I reported that there was a gang shooting in a Toys R Us in Palm Desert, CA where 2 people were shot.  Well the news just updated letting us know that 2 men who were shopping at the toy store pulled out their guns and shot and killed each other but they aren’t sure if it is indeed gang related.

In other news, the amount of people who died in India yesterday have gone up.

Black Friday – 4 Dead

Wow, what people will do for a deal.  2 people were trampled in a Wal-Mart, security guard died.  As he was trying to breathe air he was killed by people trampling him.  A pregnant woman was injured and miscarried.  That’s 2 dead in a Wal-Mart.

2 people were shot and killed in a Toys R Us in Palm Desert, CA but it wasn’t due to the black friday deals, it was gang related.

What is this world coming to?

Old Glasses

The right arm on my current glasses broke and so I’ve been going without them because they have a prism in both lenses so if I try to wear them with 1 arm like Darrin does then it really hurts my eyes so I’ve just chosen not to wear them at all.  I’m waiting until my check comes so I can buy my new frame for $35 so in the meantime I have to squint a lot to read, or close 1 eye.

I knew there was a good reason why I kept all my old glasses.  The black frames that I got in 2002 (I think) are a little scratched up but they are still in good condition.  I used a scratch remover to clean the scratches up a bit so I can wear them while I wait for my new frames.  I was actually sorta shocked that the prescription in these old ones weren’t very different from what I have now.  My eyes change so often that every 2 years I have to get a new eye exam when I get my new glasses and so I thought that this prescription wouldn’t be any good anymore but it works.

The previous pair that I had after these black frames but before my correct pair were too scratched up that I can’t wear them at all.  But that’s ok with me.  The arms on the black frames I’m wearing right now are a bit stretched though so I’m not going to just revert back to these glasses.  They are a bit worn out and so they are just temporary.  I’m starting to wish that I had gotten plastic frames again instead of the metal frames that I got last year because the plastic ones have lasted a lot longer than the metal ones so my next frame will be plastic again.

Steam Cleaner

Today I was trying to clean the carpet in my room and the hallway because of the dog peeing all over the house and it just wouldn’t work.  The hand-held thingy with the hose worked, I mean releasing the water and soap but just using it as an upright it wasn’t releasing any water.  I finally ended up just using the hand-held thing to put the soapy water on the ground then used the upright part to scrub the carpet fibers and suck up the water.

The last time I used it I cleaned it and it was fine sitting in the coat closet near the front door.  It worked the last time I used it, I don’t know why this time it didn’t work.  I did everything the book said to do in the troubleshooting section.  I didn’t do the living room yet because I have to pick up in there and that will take a bit more time, there is more furniture in there.  But when I do go to use it I hope it works for me.

True Blood Season 1 Finale

Tonight was the season finale of True Blood on HBO.  I was glad they finally found the murderer and Jason got out of jail.  Poor Lafayette didn’t have a good ending though.  They ended it with Andy finding a dead body in the back of his car (poor Lafayette).  He was such a good character.  Maybe he will come back next year as a vampire though.  The person who was the actual murderer of all the women including the grandmother was the last person I thought would be the bad guy and he deserved what he got.

At the end of the episode they said that they are currently in production for another season which will aire in the summer of 2009 so I’m glad this didn’t get canceled.

Edit: Boy was I wrong, I thought for sure it was Lafayette in the back of Andy’s car but thank goodness it wasn’t.