Steam Cleaner

Today I was trying to clean the carpet in my room and the hallway because of the dog peeing all over the house and it just wouldn’t work.  The hand-held thingy with the hose worked, I mean releasing the water and soap but just using it as an upright it wasn’t releasing any water.  I finally ended up just using the hand-held thing to put the soapy water on the ground then used the upright part to scrub the carpet fibers and suck up the water.

The last time I used it I cleaned it and it was fine sitting in the coat closet near the front door.  It worked the last time I used it, I don’t know why this time it didn’t work.  I did everything the book said to do in the troubleshooting section.  I didn’t do the living room yet because I have to pick up in there and that will take a bit more time, there is more furniture in there.  But when I do go to use it I hope it works for me.

True Blood Season 1 Finale

Tonight was the season finale of True Blood on HBO.  I was glad they finally found the murderer and Jason got out of jail.  Poor Lafayette didn’t have a good ending though.  They ended it with Andy finding a dead body in the back of his car (poor Lafayette).  He was such a good character.  Maybe he will come back next year as a vampire though.  The person who was the actual murderer of all the women including the grandmother was the last person I thought would be the bad guy and he deserved what he got.

At the end of the episode they said that they are currently in production for another season which will aire in the summer of 2009 so I’m glad this didn’t get canceled.

Edit: Boy was I wrong, I thought for sure it was Lafayette in the back of Andy’s car but thank goodness it wasn’t.

Food Maxx

We’ve only been to Food Maxx a couple of times years ago and I never really looked at their prices before because they were low but not that much lower than Albertson’s.  We went there yesterday and wow was I impressed by the low prices.  I think that we should start going there more often for groceries because like the Yoplait yogurt was .55 regularly when it’s over $1 at Albertsons.

I’ve been buying it from Holy Cow only because it’s cheaper from him than at Albertson’s.  I’m still going to get it from Holy Cow to give him the business but I do want to go to Food Maxx for other stuff.  Darrin goes through Yoplait like it’s pudding, eating 4 servings a day.  I like to eat 1 serving a day, this way I get one for every day of the week.  When he runs out he eats mine and I only buy 14 a week, 7 for him, 7 for me.