Spoke Magnet

When I came home from the E.R. today I noticed that the magnet on my front wheel spoke was gone (magnet for the cyclo-computer) and so I went to eBay to see if they had any and they had 1 for $2 plus $1.51 shipping.  Even though my bank account is running low, I have about $30 left, I took the liberty of making a $5 bid.  If I can avoid having to buy a whole new computer just for a magnet then I will.

There were other magnets on eBay for $7 – $9 but with shipping costs that would make them come out to be about $12 or $13.  The computer itself at Target is only $15.  I’m not paying close to the same price for a new computer just for a magnet.

If I lose the bid on this then I’m just gonna keep checking eBay to see if someone else has it cheap.  If not then when I go to target for the gloves I might as well just buy a new computer.

Biking Accident

I had a little accident on my bike today.  I was riding up a bridge standing up and all of a sudden the bike shifted gears and my leg slipped off the pedal and I fell on my left side which broke the handlebar bolt.  I had to call home to come pick me up then went to the E.R. and was told that I tore a muscle and I can’t ride my bike for at least 4 weeks.

I’m not giving up on it though.  I’m sure it won’t take a month because it’s feeling good right now but maybe a week or 2 I can take it easy.  But I’m changing my bike route so I don’t have to deal with any of the bridges at all to get to the bike path and back home.

It’s frustrating that this happened because I’ve gotten myself into a routine and now that routine has been broken but I’m confident that when I can ride my bike again that routine will come back to me.