Old Glasses

The right arm on my current glasses broke and so I’ve been going without them because they have a prism in both lenses so if I try to wear them with 1 arm like Darrin does then it really hurts my eyes so I’ve just chosen not to wear them at all.  I’m waiting until my check comes so I can buy my new frame for $35 so in the meantime I have to squint a lot to read, or close 1 eye.

I knew there was a good reason why I kept all my old glasses.  The black frames that I got in 2002 (I think) are a little scratched up but they are still in good condition.  I used a scratch remover to clean the scratches up a bit so I can wear them while I wait for my new frames.  I was actually sorta shocked that the prescription in these old ones weren’t very different from what I have now.  My eyes change so often that every 2 years I have to get a new eye exam when I get my new glasses and so I thought that this prescription wouldn’t be any good anymore but it works.

The previous pair that I had after these black frames but before my correct pair were too scratched up that I can’t wear them at all.  But that’s ok with me.  The arms on the black frames I’m wearing right now are a bit stretched though so I’m not going to just revert back to these glasses.  They are a bit worn out and so they are just temporary.  I’m starting to wish that I had gotten plastic frames again instead of the metal frames that I got last year because the plastic ones have lasted a lot longer than the metal ones so my next frame will be plastic again.