All Things Falling Apart

Well, it wasn’t bad enough that yesterday I had an accident and broke my handlebar stem and stem bolt but when we were at the pharmacy today I noticed the arm on my glasses were loose.  I thought I just needed to tighten the screw.  When we got home I screwed it but it was still loose.  It’s the type of arm that has a spring so you can push them outward and they go back to normal.  I guess it broke inside the arm.

I called the optometrist I got them from and they had to order a new pair and it’s gonna cost me $35.

Then I went out to my bike to see if I can bend that piece of the stem that was bent but it is way too bent for me to fix, the metal is too hard for me to bend it with a pair of pliers.  I went to pick up a screwdriver and my old .99¢ light fell off the chair and broke lol.

I went to go online and I had no internet connection lol.  Anything else?  Sheesh!