Food Maxx

We’ve only been to Food Maxx a couple of times years ago and I never really looked at their prices before because they were low but not that much lower than Albertson’s.  We went there yesterday and wow was I impressed by the low prices.  I think that we should start going there more often for groceries because like the Yoplait yogurt was .55 regularly when it’s over $1 at Albertsons.

I’ve been buying it from Holy Cow only because it’s cheaper from him than at Albertson’s.  I’m still going to get it from Holy Cow to give him the business but I do want to go to Food Maxx for other stuff.  Darrin goes through Yoplait like it’s pudding, eating 4 servings a day.  I like to eat 1 serving a day, this way I get one for every day of the week.  When he runs out he eats mine and I only buy 14 a week, 7 for him, 7 for me.

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