Woman Decapitates and Eats Parts of Her Son

Holy cow dude!  There is this woman in San Antonio Texas who killed and ate parts of her baby.  Here is the article from the Times.

A Texas woman decapitated her newborn baby and ate pieces of his body before turning a knife on herself, police said Monday.

The woman was covered in blood and screaming: “I killed my baby, I want to die” when police arrived at the modest San Antonio home.

“She mentioned that someone or something told her to do it and she was hearing voices, so that leads us to believe she was experiencing some kind of mental crisis,” said police spokesman Joe Rios.

The woman had separated from the baby’s father about a week earlier and was living with her mother and sister, who were helping to care for the baby born on June 30.

The woman was discovered around 4:30 am Sunday by her mother, who found her holding the decapitated baby.

She appeared to have ingested parts of her child after attacking him with a knife, Rios said.

“She was biting on the head,” Rios told AFP.

Otty Sanchez, 33, was charged with capital murder and remained in hospital Monday.

I saw on a video by AustinVanDusen on YouTube that this lady said that the devil told her to do it.  Yeah…. ok whatever lady.  What if “god” told her that her baby would be a future Hitler or maybe the “devil” told her that her baby would be a future saint then I can see that as her reason but as far as I know it was just that the devil told her to do it.  Ok sure.  Whatever.  First of all I don’t believe in the devil so I can’t believe that something I don’t believe in would be going around telling people to kill and ingest their baby.

This woman is a real ghoul, she’s a zombie.  Why is it that these people are allowed to procreate yet I’m told by the state of California that I can’t even get married.  I get so sick of being human sometimes.

Cake Anyone?

I like cake.  I guess you could say I love cake.  I love cake so much that if I died and they did an autopsy on me they would find that I have frosting flowing through my veins.

I was watching this show on Food channel which isn’t a channel I normally watch because I find myself drooling after awhile lol. This show was called Ace of Cakes and they really do make some cool looking cakes.  I have to give them props for that.  I went to their website to see how much they charge for a cake.  They say that since all of their cakes are different they can’t give you a specific price but they require a minimum of $1000 for all their cakes.

HOLY COW!  $1000?  For a cake?  I like cake but not that much.  Sorry but I can’t afford a $50 cake.  The best I can do are the $15 cakes at Albertsons.  If I were ordering cake for a wedding that would be one thing and even then I’d probably be looking at $200 at best.  But for a birthday party, the birthday boy/girl will have to settle for either homemade or grocery store cake lol.

Skeletal Remains Found in Florida

Skeletal remains of a little girl found in Florida not far from Caylee Anthony’s grandparents home.  They think that it might be the skeletal remains of Caylee Anthony, the little girl who was allegedly murdered by her mother in June 2008.  Notice I said allegedly?

Casey Anthony, who is in prison right now for the murder of her daughter will probably get the death penalty.  They took that off the table but it can be put back on the table.  They are also testing the duct tape that was used to cover the child’s mouth with for finger prints on the glue as well as the duct tape that was used to wrap the little girl with a plastic bag.  When they finish looking at the finger prints they will know without a shadow of a doubt who killed Caylee if it is her.  Also they said there is still some flesh on the skeleton so they can probably do a DNA test to make sure that it was Caylee’s body.  I guess they would do like a maternity test by comparing the DNA of the body with the mothers DNA.

Even though this is good news for everyone to find the body it is still bad news knowing that poor Caylee is not still alive.  But it is not a fact that this is indeed Caylee until the autopsy has confirmed who it is.  The skeletal remains have been sent to the FBI office for study.

Oh one more thing, they said that they found out that there was Chloroform used, they determined that by the smell inside the bag and they talked about how Casey Anthony was doing a search on the internet for Chloroform.  The Fox News team were saying that it is not uncommon for parents to use Chloroform on their children to put them to sleep if they cannot find a babysitter.  WHAT!?!?  Not uncommon?  Holy cow!  What’s going on in this world?

Update: I saw on the Fox News ticker just now that a utility worker who was going into those woods to take a leak found the bag and picked it up and a skull fell out.  The skeleton was found 1/2 a mile from the grandparents home in Florida.

Food Maxx

We’ve only been to Food Maxx a couple of times years ago and I never really looked at their prices before because they were low but not that much lower than Albertson’s.  We went there yesterday and wow was I impressed by the low prices.  I think that we should start going there more often for groceries because like the Yoplait yogurt was .55 regularly when it’s over $1 at Albertsons.

I’ve been buying it from Holy Cow only because it’s cheaper from him than at Albertson’s.  I’m still going to get it from Holy Cow to give him the business but I do want to go to Food Maxx for other stuff.  Darrin goes through Yoplait like it’s pudding, eating 4 servings a day.  I like to eat 1 serving a day, this way I get one for every day of the week.  When he runs out he eats mine and I only buy 14 a week, 7 for him, 7 for me.

Holy Cow Delivery

Well Ron from Holy Cow Milk just came about 30 minutes ago with our yoplait, string cheese and bread.  I liked paying with PayPal because then I don’t have to use any checks but because of that person who responded in my first post for this company, I decided to pay by check from here on out.  At least if I pay by check I don’t have anything to lose because they don’t get their money until they deliver the goods.

I really love having milk delivered to my house instead of having to get it from the store.  Actually their milk is more expensive than the store by $1 per gallon because you can buy 2 gallons for $5 which is $2.50 each, Holy Cow charges $3.50 which if you go to the store and look that is still a very good price.  If you just buy 1 gallon of milk you are going to pay $5 for 1 gallon of the Albertson’s brand or the name brands like Foster Farms.  It just makes more sense to buy the Special Value milk for $5 for 2.

The thing I buy from Holy Cow is their bread for $1.50 a loaf, bread is expensive if you buy at the store.  They are outrageously expensive and with today’s economy you can’t get bread for less than $2.  The Albertson’s brand bread at the store is $1.79.

I also buy String Cheese which is like .35 cents.  I’ve never bought string cheese so I don’t know what that regular price is.  Yoplait is another thing I buy from them.  If you have gone to the store you will know that Yoplait is the most expensive yogurt on the shelves.  That stuff is over $1 each.  Holy Cow only charges .65 cents each.  That is the main reason I buy from them.  I can only get Yoplait when they are 20 for $10 at Albertson’s which makes them .50 cents each.  So .65 is a very good price and I’d rather give the money to Holy Cow than the big corporations.

I asked Ron to give us some business cards so we can pass them out in the neighborhood, I suggested magnet business cards that people can put on their fridge.  That is a very good idea.  I’m sure they are more expensive but you have to spend money to make money.

Holy Cow!

The Holy Cow! Milk delivery service came just before 7:30am with my groceries all bagged up and ready for me.  I wasn’t quite expecting a regular car but more a truck advertising their business but what can you do?  I think they should have those magnets that you stick to the side of your car that has the Holy Cow name on it with the phone number and website address so people know.  They also now have that window lettering, you know like you see the stick figures on the back of the mini van or SUV’s, they can put that on their cars that they deliver with.

When Ron pulled up to my house he opened his trunk and pulled out a milk crate with the bags of groceries in it.  Of course I didn’t walk over to the car to see what else he had in there but it didn’t look full of milk crates.  They need some major advertising ya know?

I’m very happy with my order but I think from now I will be placing an email order or phone call order then give the delivery guy a check.  Not that I don’t trust them because of that one comment but because I just don’t trust anyone lol.  What can I say, I’ve been screwed my entire life.