Cake Anyone?

I like cake.  I guess you could say I love cake.  I love cake so much that if I died and they did an autopsy on me they would find that I have frosting flowing through my veins.

I was watching this show on Food channel which isn’t a channel I normally watch because I find myself drooling after awhile lol. This show was called Ace of Cakes and they really do make some cool looking cakes.  I have to give them props for that.  I went to their website to see how much they charge for a cake.  They say that since all of their cakes are different they can’t give you a specific price but they require a minimum of $1000 for all their cakes.

HOLY COW!  $1000?  For a cake?  I like cake but not that much.  Sorry but I can’t afford a $50 cake.  The best I can do are the $15 cakes at Albertsons.  If I were ordering cake for a wedding that would be one thing and even then I’d probably be looking at $200 at best.  But for a birthday party, the birthday boy/girl will have to settle for either homemade or grocery store cake lol.

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