Halloween Pumpkins

I will not be carving pumpkins this year live on webcam due to lack of interest. And I won’t be carving a real pumpkin too. I have 2 tall and 1 small fake pumpkins from Michael’s that I’m gonna put regular faces on.  I don’t want to use a scene that I normally do because these pumpkins will last forever (in a landfill hehe).

Here are the patterns I’m thinking of doing.  I might change them who knows.  These are just the patterns so as soon as I carve them I will get pictures (of course) and then add the pictures to my Halloween page.

Kern Wheelmen Bicycle Club

This website might help me for a good bike route.  Bakersfield put in a bike path along the Kern river beginning at the Mouth of Kern Canyon, the Kern River Parkway includes over 6,000 acres of trails, parks and waterways extending over 30 miles westerly to Highway I-5.  There is a bike club that does trips which go out of the bike path which starts at Beach Park, goes for 42.5 miles in a circle and ends right back at Beach Park.  The bike ride to Beach Park from our house is only 2.7 miles.

Of course before I can do this ride I’m going to have to get used to riding my bike again.  Also all the people on the picture in this website are all athletes and they are all in shape so before I even think about joining their club I need to be as fit as they are.  I would lag too far behind these guys.

Well, this is the website address:  www.kernwheelmen.org

I hope some day I will be as skinny and fit as I used to be a long time ago.  I feel that I am wasting my life being fat.