PlayStation Store Finished

Well Sony finally finished the PlayStation store for the PSP.  Instead of buying stuff on their website they gave everyone Media Manager for PSP 3.0.  I bought Media Manager for PSP 2.0 for $20 or $25, I forgot.  But I guess it’s ok because this is an upgrade and I don’t have to pay to upgrade it.

If you have a PSP you don’t need to use this to buy and download games.  All you do is just go online with the PSP and go to the PlayStation Store.  That is if you have WiFi access at home.  If you don’t then you don’t have any other choice than to use the Media Manager with a USB cable.  However if you want to buy/rent movies or tv shows you can only download them using the Media Manager.  They don’t offer this feature on the PSP.  I’ve been looking at it since the firmware update.

The only problem with this is that in order to buy a lot of the games or movies/tv shows you must have more than just 1GB memory stick.  They offer 16GB from San Disk now and they really aren’t that much money.  Some games and movies are more than just 1GB so you must have a 4GB, 8GB or 16GB memory stick for those.  The good news is that you can transfer games/movies/tv shows to your computer or maybe to a dvd-r and when you aren’t going to play the games or watch the movies etc you can just delete them from your memory stick so you can make room for other things.  Or if you have a disposable income just buy many memory sticks.