Dell DJ Tweak

As I’ve stated in my previous blogs, when I got my Dell DJ Battery it wouldn’t fit inside the case but it still plugs in and works fine.  The only thing is, I have to stick it to the back of the DJ with a rubber band and the bottom isn’t on so I must have it in a neoprene camera case.  I would’ve prefered if the DJ was in a case that has a clear plastic front like they make for iPods and iPhones that have elastic to put around your arm.  This way I’d be able to change the song.  I would just have to cut a hole for the scroll wheel that’s all.  But this is fine.

I have a remote so I can pause, play, go to the previous song and the next, raise and lower volume and turn the radio on.  If I want to change whats playing I have to take the DJ out of the camera case.  Which is no problem.  I have 5 cd’s queued up all the time and they are all newish and what I want to listen to while riding my bike.

Well, here are the pictures that I just took of the DJ with the battery on the outside laying next to its case.  To see the full size of these pictures just click them.

High Seat

When I came back from my ride the day before yesterday I raised my seat up a lot but I guess not enough because today I rode my bike and I was still in pain when I got home and I noticed that my leg was still bending as I was riding.  Your leg is supposed to extend fully when it gets all the way down.  If your seat is too low it can cause an injury to your back and/or legs.

Well, when I lowered my seat I lowered it all the way then I realized how to raise the handlebars but I never raised the seat again.  Big mistake.

So anyway, this morning I thought it was high enough but it wasn’t and I came home from my ride in a little bit of pain in my legs.  Not as much as before but I raised it even higher and got on it and it was perfect.  My legs straighten completely.  Hopefully tomorrow I can keep going past California Ave instead of turning right.

My goal is to get my muscles strong enough to where I can ride the bike for long periods of time but having my seat so low was counter productive to my progress.  The longer I am able to ride the more calories I will burn and then I can just go back on with my life.  When I was a kid, teen and young adult (in my 20’s) I was very active.  Either running from bullies (junior high) or riding my bike to and from school, to and from work, to and from Hollywood via North Hollywood, to and from Simi valley via Canoga Park.  Point is I was active and active means skinny.  I never gained an ounce.  I could eat and eat and eat and believe me, I was a hungry guy and I never gained any weight.  So, hopefully, I can keep my eating habits but exercise it all off with the bike.

I also wanted to add that I am so excited to have my Dell DJ back.  I went too long without it and I’m so excited that I got that battery for $10 + $7 shipping.  I nearly bought the same battery from another retailer for $25 and another was selling the same thing for $50.  I almost gave up until I went on eBay.