Missed Appointment

On September 30th I had a follow-up appointment with the neurologist for my carpel tunnel syndrome but since we were in San Diego I called the doctor’s office and rescheduled my appointment for today at 12:00pm.  Well, at 2:20pm I realized I had missed my appointment.  My main concern was that they charge you for missed appointments.

I called them to ask if there was a way that I could still make it and they said no, the doctor doesn’t take patients past 12.  So I then asked how much this was going to cost me.  I was put on hold for about 1 or 2 minutes.  She came back and said that I wasn’t even on the computer for today.  WHEW!!!

I don’t know how much that would’ve cost me but I do know that I couldn’t pay it right now.  She rescheduled me for November 20th so it’s going to be some time that I have to wait.  On the bright side my carpel tunnel syndrome isn’t that bad.  My hands still get numb when I’m playing with my PSP or riding my bike for a long period of time, then again they get numb after 10 min of riding my bike so it’s not that long.  Oh well, I got a month heh.

Picture Of My Bike

By the way, here is a picture of my bike as is.  Not including any lights that is.  It has the frame bag with the tire repair kit, mini pump and hex tools.  The cup isn’t there but it’s black so you wouldn’t see it but if you look hard enough you can see the cage that the cup goes in.  Yes, the bag is big but the cup does still fit in it.  And as you can see my helmet.  To see full size click the image below.

Bike Lights

When I was 16 my parents bought me a bicycle so I can get to work a lot easier and they won’t have to drive me.  The bike was a cruiser bike and since I would be riding at night I would need lights and all I can remember is that I thought my step-dad was so cheap by buying me the kind with a generator.  I didn’t need batteries because it generated light as I rode.  However, if you think about it, this is probably a very good idea because batteries cost a lot of money.

If you buy lights that are rechargeable they are very expensive.  Yeah the lighting is a lot brighter and probably better but they cost a lot of money.  And I’m talking $200+.

I have been looking for this light with generator for a while and I can’t find it anywhere.  Bike Nashbar doesn’t have it, neither do any of the other well known online bike stores.  Target, Wal-Mart, sporting good stores, Sniders etc.  Nobody has it.

I found it on eBay for $49.  Wow.  What a deal.  I have to wait 2 weeks before I can buy it but I’m going to get it when I get some money.  Here is a picture.

I don’t plan on riding at night unless I need something from the store and I need to get there fast but what I do plan on doing is riding early in the morning.  I’m talking 5am early.  Yeah at 6am it’s still dark but there are cars out on the road that early.  I’d rather get out at 5am.  This way I can get in as much bike time as I can without any traffic and any pedestrians.  I want to get my exercise in without any dangers of getting hit by a car hehe.  I haven’t been on the streets in over a decade and I’ve already made a couple of mistakes and I need to relearn the rules of the road before I go back out there with the cars.  I think getting to where I need to would be a lot faster with no traffic too.

Holy Cow Delivery

Well Ron from Holy Cow Milk just came about 30 minutes ago with our yoplait, string cheese and bread.  I liked paying with PayPal because then I don’t have to use any checks but because of that person who responded in my first post for this company, I decided to pay by check from here on out.  At least if I pay by check I don’t have anything to lose because they don’t get their money until they deliver the goods.

I really love having milk delivered to my house instead of having to get it from the store.  Actually their milk is more expensive than the store by $1 per gallon because you can buy 2 gallons for $5 which is $2.50 each, Holy Cow charges $3.50 which if you go to the store and look that is still a very good price.  If you just buy 1 gallon of milk you are going to pay $5 for 1 gallon of the Albertson’s brand or the name brands like Foster Farms.  It just makes more sense to buy the Special Value milk for $5 for 2.

The thing I buy from Holy Cow is their bread for $1.50 a loaf, bread is expensive if you buy at the store.  They are outrageously expensive and with today’s economy you can’t get bread for less than $2.  The Albertson’s brand bread at the store is $1.79.

I also buy String Cheese which is like .35 cents.  I’ve never bought string cheese so I don’t know what that regular price is.  Yoplait is another thing I buy from them.  If you have gone to the store you will know that Yoplait is the most expensive yogurt on the shelves.  That stuff is over $1 each.  Holy Cow only charges .65 cents each.  That is the main reason I buy from them.  I can only get Yoplait when they are 20 for $10 at Albertson’s which makes them .50 cents each.  So .65 is a very good price and I’d rather give the money to Holy Cow than the big corporations.

I asked Ron to give us some business cards so we can pass them out in the neighborhood, I suggested magnet business cards that people can put on their fridge.  That is a very good idea.  I’m sure they are more expensive but you have to spend money to make money.